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Why Hotel Cabanas? The Top 10 Benefits for Upgrading Your Property

By May 15, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Benefits of Hotel Cabanas

Hotel cabanas have long been a sign of luxury and sophistication – transforming an average pool or beach day into a VIP experience.  However, the benefits upgrading your property with these impactful amenities goes far beyond simple aesthetic improvements.

Here’s a look at the Top 10 Benefits of upgrading your property with resort & hotel cabanas.

Benefit #1: Attract New Clientele

Just like how certain keywords signal a certain caliber of luxury in a real estate listing, hotel cabanas show potential guests that your property places a high value on upscale comfort and ultimate convenience.  On the other hand, if you’re looking to attract more families, your cabanas can be positioned as a truly family-friendly amenity that addresses parents’ core needs.  It’s all about presentation.

Benefit #2: Differentiation

The hospitality industry is, arguably, the most competitive in the world – so finding ways to differentiate your property from the competition is essential.  For example, most hotels have a pool – but displaying photos of guests enjoying butler services in a private cabana will certainly make you stand above the competition.

Benefit #3: Marketing Opportunities

Potential guests want to know what their on-site experience will be like – beyond having a place to lay their heads at night.  Hotel cabanas give your marketing team a unique element to highlight.  From promotional giveaways to social media campaigns to on-site cross-promotions, the marketing support hotel cabanas can offer is only limited by your imagination.

Benefit #4: Profit Generation

To stay competitive, many hoteliers are finding it necessary to lower the room rates (while still needing to generate the same, if not more, in profits).  Upselling guests with hotel cabana rentals give you yet another revenue stream and encourage guests to stay on the property for more of their stay – driving more F&B sales, etc.

Benefit #5: Guest Protection

Nothing ruins a tropical vacation like a serious sunburn or heat exhaustion – both of which are serious threats for visitors in hot climates.  Hotel cabanas help to protect guests and to ensure they’ll have a safe and healthy stay on your property.

Benefit #6: Build Loyalty

Many resorts and hotels have discovered the power of loyalty programs.  A free day in a poolside cabana is a unique giveaway for your return guests.  Read through our post, Traveler Categories & Defining Your Target Audience, for help identifying whether loyalty programs are right for your property and its guests.

Benefit #7: Event Venues

Not all events call for a ballroom or conference room – and, realistically, those options can be rather boring.  Instead, we can strategically plan the size and placement of your commercial-grade hotel cabanas to act as an unforgettable (and profitable) event venue on your property.

Benefit #8: Simple Care and Maintenance

Hotel cabanas can have an exceptional impact on your guests’ experiences without adding a significant amount of care and maintenance work for your grounds crew.  Additionally, many commercial-grade products are specifically designed and engineered to withstand today’s increasingly dramatic weather patterns – a ‘must’ for every outdoor investment.

Benefit #9: Off-Season Attraction

When the weather cools down and summer crowds dwindle, it’s natural to look for ways to entice off-season travelers to the property.  Hotel cabanas can help extend your pool and beach season by offering guests a heated “home base,” and they work brilliantly on roof-top patios.

Benefit #10: Support for Strategic Alliances

Especially important for properties that struggle in the off-season, strategic alliances with local businesses can be incredibly valuable.  Hotel cabanas can be used in many ways to support those relationships – from incentives for sending guests your way to the backdrop for their meetings to local events that bring the surrounding community together.

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