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Which Resort Cabana Perk Will Excite Your Guests?

By April 6, 2020November 23rd, 2022No Comments

Every resort has the mission to maximize customer satisfaction while minimizing the overhead to achieve it. It’s a numbers game. The best in the business have built their careers on earning those five-star reviews and return clientele year after year. So how do they do it without breaking the bank?  It may come down to a resort cabana perk or two. Here are three little perks that will leave your cabana guests wanting more:

Resort Cabana Perk #1: Infused Water

Even the most opulent hotels in Beverly Hills know that when you add fruits or herbs to water, it quickly becomes elevated. One can say the same about the cabana experience. If your guests request a glass of water, taking an extra few minutes to give them a variety of infused options will only add to the luxury of your property.

Offerings like cucumber, lemon, and mint water are very easy to make, and will barely touch your hotel’s bottom line. What they will also do, however, is make your guests feel valued. That’s exactly where you want them. The best part? It’ll probably lead to some great chances for your staff to suggest cocktails to go with each guest’s flavor preferences. Would you like a margarita with that lime water, ma’am? It’s definitely one of those little touches that won’t go unnoticed.

Resort Cabana Perk #2: Photo Props

We recently wrote about the power of social media and how it can mobilize droves of new foot traffic to your pool area. In today’s world, a resort that doesn’t have photo-worthy opportunities is missing out on a gold mine of potential revenue. People want to go somewhere they can take a beautiful photo for social media. As an added benefit to your cabana guests, think about offering some props for them to use in and around the deck.

Anything from pool accessories to dedicated photo-ops can make a big difference for your online reputation. One of the hotels recently hailed by Conde Nast Traveler for its top-tier poolside experience was touted for having staff members that will set up and take photos of guests with floating props like rideable unicorns and flamingos – the perfect example of a little extra work leading to a disproportionate amount of positive press.

Resort Cabana Perk #3: Free WiFi

Another little amenity that can go a long way for your cabana goers is free high-speed internet by the pool. This has a double benefit – First, it lets your guests quickly and easily post their photos to social media without having to feel hindered by their phones’ potentially slow connection speeds. This means a higher percentage of the photos taken on-site will actually get posted instead of being forgotten in the phone gallery.

The second benefit is that it enables people to easily work poolside. Think of the business you may be missing out on because professionals feel they cannot work in your cabanas. Offering them high-speed internet as an extra thank you will have them feeling very well taken care of. In turn, your cabanas will quickly gain a reputation for providing the perfect atmosphere where laptops and cocktails can mingle, meaning customers who typically would’ve taken their business elsewhere may now choose to rent one of your units instead.

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