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What are Commercial Cabanas?

By July 12, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
What Are Commercial Cabanas

Cabanas are a cost-effective way of adding luxury and style to your hotel, resort, and luxury apartment complex, but not all cabanas are created equal.  Unlike standard retail versions that can be bought at outlets or big box stores, commercial cabanas are crafted to stand the test of time.  Sturdy and durable, they continue to look just as good as they day they were installed despite the regular use expected on commercial properties.

What’s the Difference Between Commercial Cabanas & Residential Versions?

There are major differences between commercial-grade cabanas and those that can be purchased from retail outlets.  One is intended for high-volume use while the other is better-suited for residential applications.  Commercial cabanas are built using top-quality materials, so they don’t rattle in the breeze, rust in the salty air, or deteriorate as the seasons pass.  On the other hand, these are common issues associated with the lesser-quality residential versions.  Especially important for locations with weather concerns, many commercial cabana designs are engineered to withstand significant wind- and rain-loads.

Cabanas purchased at retail outlets often come from overseas – leaving many consumers frustrated when the actual product is quite different than promised.  At Resort Cabanas, we design and manufacture each of our commercial cabanas in our Southern California facility – giving us full control over our strict quality standards.

What Are the Uses for Commercial Cabanas?

When situated around the pool or on the sand, commercial cabanas add convenience and luxurious comfort to your most valuable amenities.  However, commercial cabanas have a wide array of applications beyond the pool and beach.

Dining – After the sun goes down, cabanas can be transformed into the perfect backdrop for intimate dinners.  Consider different lighting options to create the ideal mood.

Events – Provide more venue options for your guests.  TV mounts, electric wiring, and other accessories let you host a range of events – from Super Bowl parties to business meetings.

Weddings – Brides and grooms are always looking for a unique twist for their special day.  From bridal suites to receptions to morning brunches, cabanas give you the flexibility you need to create truly memorable experiences.

Spa Rooms – Differentiate your spa by giving guests the option to upgrade to a massage or facial in your private, open-air treatment rooms.

Country Clubs – Private clubs can benefit from a shady oasis on the golf course or private spaces for hosted cocktail parties or bridge games.

Water Parks – Give your guests a home base where they can relax in between trips down the water slide.

The applications for your cabanas are only limited by your imagination.  Interested in learning more about how commercial cabanas can benefit your property?  Read our post: Marketing Ideas to Maximize Your Private Cabana Investment.

Explore Your Options for Commercial Cabanas

At Resort Cabanas (a division of Eide Industries, Inc.), we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and engineering custom commercial cabanas and pre-engineered options. With almost 80 years of extensive design, construction, metal fabrication, industrial sewing, and installation experience, we are proud to offer the highest quality products possible, made right here in the U.S.

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