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Wailea Cabana: A Closer Look

By March 1, 2020November 23rd, 2022No Comments

We received a lot of great feedback regarding our deep-dive into the Cancun cabana last week, so we thought we’d continue the trend and create focused articles about each of our various cabana options. This week’s spotlight: the Wailea cabana. This value-packed cabana is brimming with features that will add an upscale feel to any poolside location.

Here’s a rundown on why this cabana is so special:

More Fabric

What’s better than Sunbrella® awning grade fabric? 25% more of it. That’s right. One of the most noticeable features of the Wailea cabana is its brilliant use of fabric on the exterior of each unit. The fabric helps give a rich aesthetic that’s sure to wow any pool guest, along with the added benefits that come along with using Sunbrella® fabrics in its construction.

These are easily some of the highest performing fabrics in our industry, even receiving recommendations from the Skin Cancer Foundation. They are lightweight, do a fantastic job of blocking UV rays with their UPF 50+ rating, and come with a ten-year limited warranty. In other words, the Wailea packs in quality materials at a cost that’s easily warranted by the additional value it will bring to your property.

Stylish Design

Simply put, the Wailea is a budget-friendly show-stopper. There are small design touches everywhere that affix an air of decadence to each unit. From the hanging valance to its traversing side curtain tie-backs, visitors will immediately notice the build quality and stylish motif. The playful accent stripes lining the edges of the roof, and each curtain provide an eye-catching contrast point that only adds to this cabana’s luxury appeal.

Have a specific theme in mind for your pool area? No problem, as the Sunbrella® fabrics used to make the Wailea cabana come in 66 striped and 56 solid color choices. That means every color combination under the sun is available for selection. These units are so well-designed that even a simple white fabric provides an unbelievable charm.

Form Meets Function

Looking for more than just a pretty face? You’ve made the right choice as the Wailea packs just as much function as it does form. To start things off, all you have to do is look up. The top cover attachment heavy-duty buckle and strap assembly accelerate installation times. Meanwhile, the optional roof-top air vents allow hot air to rise out of the cabana. In wetter climates, visitors are still protected from elements like rain.

Speaking of weather, the Wailea’s sturdy steel frame construction makes it capable of resisting 60mph wind loads. Finally, add-ons like the center ceiling fan mounting plate and flat-screen mounting plate mean you can customize each unit to fit your guests’ specific needs while up-charging for the use of your premium amenities. After all, who doesn’t like options, right?

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