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Planning for the Fall: Using Your Resort Cabanas Battle Cooling Temperatures

By August 28, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Autumn Resort Cabanas

While the summer heat may still be off the charts, we all know that cooling temperatures are just around the corner.  Now is the time for property managers and hotel operators to start thinking about how to keep attracting prospective guests after the summer season has passed us by.  The good news is that your resort cabanas can help!

Extend the Pool Season

You can extend your pool season by offering heated resort cabanas, where guests can dry off and relax as if it were still 80o outside.  Safe and efficient – Infratech Comfort heaters are an exceptionally valuable accessory for your cabanas.

Create a Lounge Area

Some locations are simply too cool to entice any guests into the water in the autumn months.  Instead of seeing that as a lost opportunity, make the most of it!  Use your resort cabanas as semi-private lounge areas where guests can enjoy a cocktail, read a book, or get lost in conversation without being pushed indoors by the cooler temperatures.

Focus on Fun

The fall season may be too cool for bathing suits but it’s not necessarily too cool for outdoor activities.  Keep that in mind as you’re planning activities for your guests to enjoy.  From movie nights to arts and crafts workshops to happy hour gatherings, use your resort cabanas as the backdrop to create a unique experience out of something that’s otherwise somewhat standard.

Let Guests Get Cozy

As the weather shifts, you may want to consider some shifts in your cabana furnishings.  Opt for over-stuffed sofas and chairs over traditional pool loungers – or, at least, add thicker cushions and plush pillows to the outdoor furniture you have.  By creating a warmer and more inviting environment for guests, they’ll be more likely to enjoy the space and forget the cold outside.

Remind Guests of Your Amenities

Remember, guests may not know that you have shifted your summer outdoor amenities to address their autumn needs, so remind them!  This may be a casual mention at check-in, or it may be an “invitation” to join one of the events being hosted in your resort cabanas (as mentioned above).  Also, as sunset starts to happen earlier and earlier, consider the impact lighting could have in drawing evening attention to the cabana lounge areas.

Just because the temperatures are starting to cool doesn’t mean you have to close your resort cabanas until next year.  For more ideas, read some of our related posts:

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