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Updating Your Resort: How to Differentiate Your Property in the New Year

By December 27, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Updating Your Resort in the New Year

Across the globe, competition continues to become increasingly fierce in a wide range of industries – especially in hospitality.  Hotels and resorts are under great pressure to draw more guests during peak season, entice travelers in the off-season, and maximize profits year-round.  As we look ahead into the new year, it’s time to consider whether updating your resort and its market positioning could help you achieve your occupancy goals.

Updating Your Resort in the New YearStart with a Facelift

Updating your resort doesn’t necessarily mean a major renovation.  Take an objective look at your property (and ask others for their truly objective input) to find areas that are starting to look dated or dingy.

Here are some truly simple ideas for updating your resort.

  • Give your property an annual or semi-annual deep It may sound overly simple, but this one of the most overlooked ways of improving guests’ experiences on-site.  Don’t forget proper Care & Maintenance for Your Commercial Cabanas.
  • Upgrade aging outdoor furniture. Maximize the value of your cabanas and other outdoor amenities by Furnishing for Success.
  • Incorporate consistent brand colors. From accent pillows to subtle lobby detailing, your decorations and designs should align with your property’s brand.

Updating Your Resort in the New YearOptimize Amenities

Most travelers want more than a place to lay their heads at night, and they choose their hotels based on the property’s amenities.  From your guest rooms to your poolside, resolve to make the most of your amenities in the new year.

Here are some ideas for updating your resort amenities this year.

Updating Your Resort in the New YearIncorporate Experiences

Regardless of your location, guests are looking for experiences when they travel.  It may be as simple as a luxurious day of relaxing in a poolside cabana or as exciting as a cultural adventure, but the more experiences you can craft for your guests (and market online), the more likely you’ll be to fill-up your rooms.  After all, unforgettable experiences are what prompt guests to leave positive reviews online, and that’s how potential guests judge your property against the competition.

  • Put the “private” back in private dining with dinner service in VIP cabanas.
  • Create a poolside or beach-side “weekly tasting room” by partnering with a local brewery or winery and hosting the event in your cabanas.
  • Go beyond the gym to offer outdoor yoga, Pilates, or other exercise classes.
  • Tailor special moment packages, such as engagement getaways, anniversary celebrations, or birthday weekends.
  • Nurture strategic alliances with local attractions, so you can help your guests book their off-site outings.

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