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Unique Uses for Your Resort Cabanas

By July 23, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Unique Uses for Your Resort Cabanas

Of course, when we think about resort cabanas, we think about lounging by the pool with a cocktail in hand.  And, while that’s absolutely one of the most popular uses for resort cabanas, that’s certainly not their sole purpose.

In truth, top-quality resort cabanas can offer a wide range of opportunities for your property and its guests.  It’s all about opening your mind to some creative and somewhat out-of-the-box thinking.

Explore Some Less-Traditional Uses for Resort Cabanas

Here are some creative uses for resort cabanas to open your mind about how you can be maximizing your investment.

Spa Treatment Rooms.  If your property already has a hotel spa, then you can expand its services to include “open air” options.  If your property doesn’t have the space for a traditional indoor spa, you can use your resort cabanas to make a massage “room.”  Remember, cabanas can be designed with privacy in mind.

Evening Cocktail Hour.  Many hotels offer special “happy hour” gatherings for their guests.  Instead of hosting these events inside at the bar, set up a satellite bar in one of your cabanas, so your guests can have a view of the pool as they relax into the evening.

Morning Coffee Stations.  Whether you bring the whole breakfast offering outside or just a coffee station, guests will love starting the day in the warm morning sunshine.  If mornings in your location are a little chilly, remember that you can always incorporate heating accessories into your cabanas.

Protected Workstations.  Heat can be dangerous for employees who work outdoors, and rain is simply uncomfortable.  One of the common uses for resort cabanas is for comfortable workstations, like towel stations near the pool and snack bars on the golf course.

Arts & Craft Areas.  For those properties that are working to position themselves as a family-friendly destination, you may be considering adding some type of daycare to your service options.  With your resort cabanas, you can find a happy middle-ground by offering supervised hour-long arts and crafts sessions – giving parents the opportunity for some kids-free relaxation without the logistics of a full-scale daycare service.

Explore the Industries Best Resort Cabanas

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