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Travel with a Twist: How to Boost Hotel Revenue by Crafting Guest Experiences

By July 16, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
boost hotel revenue

Every hotel owner and operator wants to find ways to boost hotel revenue – especially as the height of the tourist season passes by.  And, we want to help!  After all, one of the reasons the Resort Cabanas brand has become so successful is that we focus on helping our hotel and resort clients differentiate themselves from the competition, attract new clientele, and build a more loyal base of guests.

Many studies have come out over the past several years pointing to “experiences” as the latest travel trend.  For example, TripAdvisor points to a 125% rise in bookings for cultural experiences (like food tours, cooking classes, and historical experiences) in 2017.  So, there’s an important takeaway for you – the hotel manager.

Key Takeaway: don’t just market your hotel; market the experiences your guests will have while staying with you.

How to Use This Info to Boost Hotel Revenue

Whether you’re located near a well-known landmark or not, you can leverage this concept of creating guest experiences to boost hotel revenue.  It’s all about opening your mind to the possibilities.  Here are some tips for helping you find the right positioning for your property.

  1. Do your research. Start with an internet search for things to do in your area.  Make note of area attractions, local festivals, etc.  But don’t stop there.  Talk with your staff about the things they love to do.  That’s the best way to find the true hidden gems.
  2. Create on-site experiences. Make an environment that guests won’t want to leave.  This includes upgrading your outdoor spaces (such as incorporating luxury cabanas in your pool area), bringing in entertainment for the hotel bar, and offering next-level dining options.  Think of it as creating a tourist oasis in the heart of your community – whatever that means for you.
  3. Develop relationships. Start making strategic alliances with your counterparts at the attractions you uncovered during your research.  See if there are discounts or promotions you can offer to your guests – or commissions you can earn if guests book through your site.  Keep in mind, one of the most popular trends for experiential bookings is to pay a little bit more ‘skip-the-line’ tickets.
  4. Consider the booking process. Today’s travelers expect intuitive and simple booking processes – not just for hotels but for experiences, too.  If your direct booking engine or online reservation system empowers visitors to browse experiences and add them onto their hotel reservation, you’re substantially increasing your chances of turning prospective guests into loyal ones.

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