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Transforming Urban Properties into Resort-Style Oases with Hotel Cabanas

By January 17, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Transforming Urban Properties into Resort-Style Oases with Hotel Cabanas

Do you find that your guests believe they are giving up a “relaxing” vacation in order to experience your location’s exciting city life?  While it’s true that most urban hotel properties are working with more limited spaces for relaxation (especially outdoor spaces), it doesn’t mean your guests need to face this troubling either/or circumstance.  From New York to Los Angeles and everywhere in between, hotel operators are recognizing the transformational impact of hotel cabanas when looking to incorporate a little bit of tropical appeal into their glitz-and-glam reputations.

Maximizing Small Spaces

With limited outdoor space, it’s essential to make every square inch count.  Hotel cabanas can be manufactured in a wide range of sizes (both small and large) and custom designs can address the most unique circumstances.  By using top-quality materials, carefully chosen color schemes, and perfectly placed furnishings, your small outdoor spaces become a celebrated amenity instead of a disappointing afterthought.  Remember – using hotel cabanas to create a resort-style atmosphere also means incorporating the whole experience, including drink service and mood-setting music.

Blocking Unappealing Views

Many urban properties have rooftop patios or pools that are underused because of unappealing views or towering neighbors.  Hotel cabanas can have the dual-functionality of creating an unforgettable ambiance while keeping guests’ attention right where you want it.  By strategically placing your hotel cabanas to block troublesome areas or lining the entire perimeter, you take back control of your rooftop’s vibe.

Battling the Urban Heat

While guests welcome heat when traveling to tropical resort, they’re less excited when the temperatures soar in an urban destination.  That’s because cities often feel hotter – and they are!  Urban heat island effect is the term for the additional warming that happens when an area has more concrete than natural landscape.  With hotel cabanas, you give them a reprieve from the hot city sun, and you can incorporate ceiling fans into the designs to ensure their comfort.

Curious about what to do when your urban climate is struggling with a winter chill instead of the hot summer sun?  Read our post: Keeping Your Rooftop Patio Open Year-Round with Heated Cabanas.

Explore Your Options for Top-Quality Urban Hotel Cabanas

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