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Three Ways to Increase Your Cabana Value

By February 10, 2020November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Custom Tuscan Cabana

Let’s face it; it’s harder than ever to attract loyal customers that return as often as we want to our resort properties. The hotel industry has shifted from that of convenience to that of experience. People want to give their business to hotels and resorts who go the whole nine yards for them. Anticipating their needs ahead of time and providing the amenities and creature comforts that make their stays as pleasant as possible. It’s why the demand for cabanas has gradually increased over the last few years. They are the definition of hospitality and provide a disproportionate amount of revenue compared to regular pool seating. It’s that premium feel that enables hotels to upsell and charge patrons more. Why not do everything possible to make your cabanas the best that they can be? Here are three ways you can increase the cabana value in your outdoor space:

Drop Ceilings

Drop Ceilings Resort CabanasWhat’s the first thing a guest notices when they enter their cabana? The answer is likely the ceiling. That’s because the eyes are drawn to shapes and forms they aren’t used to seeing in everyday life. The tall, spacious build immediately pulls visitors’ attention to its very center.

With that unique design, however, comes the need for a sturdy frame to hold it all in place. While the exposed metalwork is certainly not a dealbreaker, what if we told you there was a way to maintain all of the beauty and flow of the cabana without showing the infrastructure that holds it together? That’s where drop ceilings come in. They are a fantastic way to make your cabanas look and feel more luxurious, allowing patrons to admire the structure in all its glory while feeling like they’re living in an outdoor hotel room.

TV Mounts

TV Mounts Resort CabanasAnother way you can easily add value to and start charging more for your cabanas is to install a TV mount. These are an inexpensive solution that will quickly catch the attention of potential guests. Imagine being able to play their favorite movies, video reels, sporting events, and more. TV mounts give you the freedom and flexibility to add an additional entertainment component to your cabanas that ultimately make the space have a more premium feel to it.

Having a flat-screen television housed within the cabana makes it even more attractive to groups of guests where not everyone necessarily wants to be having a pool day. A portion of the party could go out for a swim while others simply lay back, relax, and enjoy the show. This feature could be the deciding factor on whether a party would like to rent out one of your cabanas or opt for two separate group activities instead due to a conflict of preference.

Heating and Cooling

Resort Cabanas Heating and CoolingWant to make your cabanas a fantastic choice regardless of the weather? Giving your guests the option to control their own climate is a great way to get the most out of your units. It’s a feature that not every hotel offers, and can easily set your property apart from the rest. Whether it’s a ceiling fan for cool, consistent, fresh air circulation, or InfraTech heaters to provide some additional warmth on a brisk day, these features are a stylish way to maximize your cabana’s earning potential.

One of the biggest selling points of a cabana is comfort. With that said, we cannot control the weather. Unpredictable changes in temperature, whether too hot or too cold can make or break a guest’s experience at your hotel cabana. It can also dramatically affect sales, with sharp declines appearing at either extreme on the spectrum. Having the ability to control the temperature inside each unit helps your team mitigate lost revenue.

Upgrade Your Cabanas with Eide Industries

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