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Tailoring to the Millennials | Today’s Most Valuable Hotel Marketing Tip

By March 14, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Today’s Most Valuable Hotel Marketing Tip

Ever wish you could find a hotel marketing tip that would inspire a winning sales and marketing strategy?  Well, this might be it.

Hotel Marketing Tip: It’s time to tailor your messages and services to the needs of the Millennial Generation.

Anecdotally, Millennials have a reputation for spending less, living with their parents longer, and being more interested in their online personas than their real lives.  But that’s an unfair (and outdated) assessment.  In fact, since Millennials generally place a higher value on experiences over physical goods, they may actually be the ideal target for your hotel’s marketing initiatives.

The Traveling Generation

According to a 2017 Hipmunk survey, Millennials are more likely to travel for business (38% of Millennials travel for business, compared to just 23% of Gen Xers and 8% of Boomers).  And perhaps even more importantly, 55% of the Millennial respondents say they have extended business trips to incorporate some leisure time.

Hotel Marketing Tip: Don’t underestimate the spending power of the Millennial Generation when it comes to travel and experiences.  Entice business travelers with extensions.

The Digital Generation

Being the generation defined by emerging technology, it’s not surprising that Travel Professional NEWS® reports that 87% of Millennials look to social media for travel inspiration, 85% check multiple sites before booking, and 97% post about their travel experiences online.  This means you not only need to market your resort on social media, but you need to do it well – not only enticing new guests but leveraging the power of current guests’ social influence.

Hotel Marketing Tip:  Work to create digital campaigns and promotions that authentically communicate with your Millennial target audience.

The Savvy Generation

Millennials are more likely to spend their money on travel and unique experiences, but they’re also looking to maximize their dollars.  Travel Professional NEWS® also pointed out that 68% of Millennials make loyalty decisions based on programs that offer the best rewards, 48% make last-minute travel decisions, and 60% will upgrade their experience with travel add-ons (poolside cabana rentals, anyone?!).

Hotel Marketing Tip:  Focus on perceived value when marketing to Millennials.

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