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Summer is Coming – Are You Ready?

By March 16, 2022October 25th, 2023No Comments
Summer is Coming - Are You Ready?

The weather is warming up, and there’s no better time to get the pool deck ready for the Summer surge in resort bookings! The question is, will your property be prepared, or have to settle for falling short of patrons’ expectations? 

Here are three areas every hotel and resort pool deck should be considering to get ready for the Summer season:

1) Maximize Value Per Seat

Maximize Value Per Seat

We’ve written about this before. At the end of the day, every investment boils down to the return it will bring to the property. While every pool deck is built differently, the math more or less stays the same. Your goal as a manager is to maximize the value you generate per seat

Whether that’s through cabanas, lounge chairs, or a combination of the two. The answer is probably going to involve a mix that both creates an inviting retreat for your guests while putting the square feet to good use. Areas around the pool that are too small for cabanas are great opportunities to install a lounge chair. Conversely, large swathes of the surrounding area can be reserved for cabana placements that maximize profits from higher-spending patrons.  

2) Invest in Quality Cabanas

Invest in Quality Cabanas

The misconception with resort cabanas is that they’re all cut from the same cloth (pun intended). This couldn’t be further from the truth. In reality, there is a lot of variance when it comes to different cabana manufacturers. You may think that you’re getting a deal on a great structure when in reality, it falls apart after one summer. With this year looking to be the great rebound the tourism industry has been searching for (since the onset of COVID19), it’s certainly not the time to be cutting corners. 

Invest in cabanas that can take the wear and tear. Quality fabrics, support beams that can withstand wind and stormy weather, and timeless designs that will look good on your property for years to come. The best part? Investing in quality is much more cost-effective than replacing a cheaper model year after year. You can look long-term in this industry.

3) Enhance the Customer Experience 

Your guests are staying at your resort to get away. The more value you can pack into the cabanas, the better experience you’ll offer your customers. Turning your cabanas into their own mini oases is a great way to justify an increase in pricing. Whether you want to put in plush outdoor furniture, a television, or even a fan, any add-on is going to set your cabana apart from a simple lounge chair experience. 

Your guests will be more inclined to hang out there all day, take photos for social media, and brag about their experience to their friends. That means more publicity for you, higher margins thanks to the upsells, and a revolving door of people who can’t wait to check out what you have to offer. It’s a win-win, and it all starts with a little extra care being taken when you select and set up your cabana areas.

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