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Strategic Alliances: How Partnerships Can Help You Maximize Off-Season Occupancy

By November 6, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
How Partnerships Can Help You Maximize Off-Season Occupancy

Every property operator wants to find ways to maximize off-season occupancy – especially after the excitement of the busy season wears off and hotel hallways become startlingly quiet.  Of course, marketing your hotel is an essential element of your year-round success, but it’s important not to overlook the power of strategic alliances.  By building partnerships with other complementary businesses and individuals in your community, you’re able to access their networks while simultaneously adding value to their relationships.

Highlight Off-Season Events for Your Wedding Vendors

Off-season weddings are becoming increasingly popular for couples looking for an intimate celebration without the pomp and circumstance (and cost!) of a major event.  This is especially true for second marriages and older couples, so talk with your wedding vendors about the special rates you offer for off-season events.  For more wedding-oriented tips, read our post: Creating Memorable Resort Weddings with VIP Cabanas.

Develop Relationships with Large Restaurants

Large restaurants are likely to host large special events – many of which attract people from out of town.  Help restaurant event coordinators deliver the best possible service while also helping to maximize off-season occupancy at your property by creating special packages or group rates for their event guests.

Leverage Untapped Real Estate Opportunities

Whether it’s prospective buyers who are in town to view properties or sellers who need a place to stay once the movers have left, your local real estate agents are a great resource for year-round, non-tourist guests.  By providing special discounts, you can support their efforts to differentiate themselves as the real estate agent who has truly thought of everything.  Take it a step further by creating customized packages with their clients in mind – such as a celebratory “Post-Sale Package” with a complimentary cabana rental.

Connect with the Business Community

Think about companies in your surrounding area.  Do any have offices in other states or countries?  Are any of them large enough to need offsite accommodations for special events or company-wide trainings?  Connect with executive assistants, HR managers, office managers, and marketing departments – as these are the professionals who are looking for cost-effective solutions to their bosses’ needs.

Market to the Local Community

Whether you’re opening up your onsite restaurant or your poolside cabana rentals, inviting the local community onto your property is a great way to generate consistent profits during slower times.  Additionally, it can help you maximize off-season occupancy, since your relationships with local residents means you’ll be more likely to win their bookings when friends and family come to town.

For more ideas, read our post: Enticing Off-Season Travelers: Commercial Resort Cabanas for Cooler Temperatures.

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