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Shift Your Image: Luxury Cabanas & Other Ideas for Positioning Your Hotel as a Romantic Getaway

By June 7, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Luxury Cabanas & Other Ideas for Positioning Your Hotel as a Romantic Getaway

As a hotel operator, you likely spend a great deal of time ensuring the business functions well and addressing your guests’ needs, but how much effort do you put into aligning your brand’s image with the desires of your ideal guests?  By making strategic decisions about how your brand is positioned, you’ll be able to better speak to your intended audience.  For example, if your website features photos of kids splashing in the pool, you’re speaking to travelers who are looking for family-friendly resorts.  However, if you feature couples relaxing in luxury cabanas, you’re more likely to attract adults who are looking for a romantic getaway.

Here are some ways to position your hotel as a romantic getaway without breaking the bank on major renovations.


Couples on a romantic getaway want to be entertained into the night.  From dancing under the stars to evening pool parties, the options for entertaining your adult guests are only limited by your imagination (and perhaps your liquor license).  Consider ways to excite your guests, like outdoor music for more the more conservative clientele or adult scavenger hunts for the more adventurous types.

Private Spaces

Romantic getaways are all about giving guests the space to reconnect.  From love seats in the bar area to luxury cabanas by the pool, private or semi-private spaces support your guests’ need to snuggle quietly or enjoy a deep conversation.  Which areas on your property could be converted into quiet nooks instead of open spaces?

Dining Options

Especially for those guests who have chosen to leave the kids with the grandparents, couples on a romantic getaway often want to have dining experiences.  From the perfect breakfast in bed to slow-paced dinners by candlelight, giving your guests a wide range of dining options is essential.  Consider new ways to make dining feel more like an event, such as private dinner service by the pool in your luxury cabanas.


While keeping your guests onsite is ideal, many couples will want to adventure out at least some of the time.  By offering packages and itineraries through your guest services desk, you’ll be able to address your guests’ needs, build relationships with local vendors, and bring your guests back in time for wine-hour or dinner.

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