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Align Digital Presentation and On-Site Experiences | Resort Marketing Tips

By December 13, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Resort Marketing Tips

There’s nothing more frustrating than arriving to a property to find that it doesn’t live up to the photographs online.  At Resort Cabanas, our series of resort marketing tips help hotel operators maximize their efforts while ensuring a memorable on-site experience for guests.

In the hospitality industry, visual presentation matters more than it ever has before.  Consumers are faced with endless options, and the internet has shifted how travelers book their adventures – no longer relying on the expertise of agents and depending more on online photos and reviews.  As aesthetics start to matter almost as much as service delivery, it’s important consider whether your property’s in-person experience aligns with the brand image you’re working to portray.

Top 5 Resort Marketing Tips for Digital Presentation and Brand Alignment

Here are some simple resort marketing tips to help you align your brand’s digital presentation with your guests’ on-site experiences.

5.  Be the photographer. Remember that guests’ photos will inevitably appear on review sites and social media, so finding ways to enhance those photos is in your best interests. From check-in to cocktail delivery at the poolside cabanas, encourage staff to help selfie-taking guests with photo support.  Also, use a photographer’s eye when designing (or redesigning) spaces throughout the property to ensure a gorgeous backdrop.

4.  Update your marketing. Highlight your property’s different personalities with recent photos to ensure guests are getting realistic views of their upcoming experiences. Remember the photos you use help to position your property.  If your property is a romantic getaway, then photos of couples watching a sunset from their beach cabanas will be more impactful than children playing in the pool (and vice versa for family-friendly destinations).

3.  Craft a promotion. An online promotion is a great way to engage guests and expand your digital content. Consider offering a “poolside cabana rental” prize for each day’s best on-site photo – free marketing for you and free relaxation for them.

2.  Give website visitors a tour. There’s no denying the power of video. To give potential guests a look into the on-site experience, a high-quality video can be an incredibly effective marketing tool.  If your company has an in-house creative team, you may find it even more impactful to shoot small monthly videos to be used on social media – introducing staff, exploring specific amenities, etc.

1.  Walk the walk. Topping our list of resort marketing tips is this: deliver on your claims. It can be tempting to say you have world-class dining and a luxury beachside experience in your marketing campaigns, but if your restaurant is more of a pub and your stretch of sand doesn’t have commercial-grade cabanas, then your guests are bound to be disappointed.  Show off your best assets but be realistic in the presentation.  After all, that’s the best way to get rave reviews and return guests.

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