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It’s Time to Reimagine Your Property’s Hotel Landscape Design

By February 6, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Reimagine Your Property’s Hotel Landscape Design

Whether you’re a tropical destination or an urban oasis, your property’s grounds have the potential to be one of your most valuable assets – and yet many hotel operators continue to let outdoor spaces go under-utilized.  Hospitality trends continue to emphasize the importance of prioritizing great design and creating experiences beyond the room – so we created a hotel landscape design checklist to help you envision more impactful ways to maximize your outdoor spaces.

There are many elements to consider when redesigning (or designing for the first time!) your commercial landscape.  Of course, working with a professional landscape architect is ideal for navigating the endless opportunities and options, but this checklist provides some ideas to help get your creativity flowing as you start to conceptualize your new amenities.

Checklist for Reimagining Your Hotel Landscape Design

As you evaluate your property’s outdoor spaces and begin dreaming about exciting upgrades, it’s important to identify what you want to accomplish with the space.  You’ll want to consider the purpose of each area, privacy goals, specific challenges, and the level of maintenance you’re willing to take on.

  1. Purpose – What’s the purpose of the space? There’s a difference between aesthetic upgrades and functional ones.  If your guests will be using the space (as opposed to areas that simply make the property look nicer), you’ll need to think about improving experiences and adding comfort.  This could be seating areas or walking paths – or it could be poolside cabanas and shade structures.  The options are endless.
  2. Privacy – What are your privacy goals? Designing landscapes and outdoor spaces for hotels and resorts is unique because they require a balance of public guest areas and semi-private spots.  After all, sometimes guests want to socialize and sometimes they want to escape the crowds.  Private nooks can be created with landscapes, or strategic furniture placement can be used to contribute to a semi-private feeling.  For properties with guests who value VIP-style privacy, cabanas can increase your hotel’s appeal.
  3. Challenges – What challenges need to be overcome? From sloping grades to property size to irrigation needs, it’s essential to be realistic when crafting a new vision for your grounds.  For example, if the largest spaces on your property are exposed to unrelenting afternoon sun, then shade options need to be considered to ensure the space is usable throughout the day.  If cabanas aren’t the right solution, then our partners at Retractable Structures have a wide range of shade products to compliment your hotel landscape design.
  4. Maintenance – How much maintenance can your staff take on? Any new outdoor amenities will require additional care – regardless of whether we’re discussing new landscapes, patio seating, or poolside cabanas.  At Resort Cabanas, we think it’s important to keep it simple when it comes to maintenance.

For more ideas on creating spaces that are comfortable yet stylish, inviting yet exclusive, and unique yet authentic to your brand, read our post: Why Commercial Cabanas Should be a Part of Your Hotel Landscape Design.

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