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People Need to Travel – Here’s How Cabanas Can Help

By July 19, 2022October 25th, 2023No Comments
Cabana Art Pieces

It’s no secret that people need to travel. After two-plus years of pandemic-related reasons for holding back on vacation time, we’re finally seeing the world open back up again. Entry restrictions are being lifted worldwide, and the American workforce is eager to use up all of that accrued PTO.

So, as a resort owner, how do you take advantage of this opportunity? Three words come to mind: maximize customer experience. Your resort will benefit greatly from this, trust us.

And of course, if your aim is to maximize the customer experience, then cabanas should certainly play a central role in your initiative. Continue reading below to learn why:

People Want to Spend Money

It may sound counterintuitive, but right now, people want to spend money on travel. They’ve been saving for over two years, and realistically, haven’t had an opportunity to use that same money to relax. For example, let’s say the average couple goes on a vacation twice a year, and saves up a couple of thousand dollars for each vacation.

Now let’s say they haven’t been to a resort since the pandemic hit. That means this same couple likely has a significantly higher budget now that travel restrictions are lifted. Any pool isn’t going to do. They’re going to want to make up for lost time and really travel. That means booking a nicer hotel room, and of course, being less cost-sensitive when it comes to premium amenities… like your cabanas.

More Value Per Square Foot

Speaking of Cabanas, did you know that they hold more value per square foot than just about anywhere else on the pool deck? Their premium price means that cabana customers are more inclined to spend more money on drinks and food, and your wait staff won’t have to serve as many people as they would have if you filled that same space with lounge chairs.

The math behind this is simple: let’s say in a typical 15ft x 15ft space on your pool deck. That’s enough to seat 16 lounge chairs comfortably. In that same space, you could place a cabana, with seating for 4-6 instead. And between the cabana rental fee and their drink orders, those individuals will still outspend the folks seated on the lounge chairs. In other words, providing a premium product not only gives visitors a better travel experience – it also yields higher returns per square foot.

Unforgettable Travel Moments Lead To Social Buzz

As we’ve mentioned before, cabanas are so much more than in-moment revenue generators. They also do wonders for generating social buzz. At the end of the day, people want to travel so that they can create memories. And in order to identify what types of memories they’d like to create, they often turn to social media.

Cabanas are the perfect way for your resort to further generate social buzz! Think about it – if you saw your friend or an influence in a lounge chair on social media vs. that same person living it up at a cabana, which would you prefer? Cabanas are photogenic, luxurious, and can end up bringing even more business to your resort thanks to the power of social media. After all, what’s the point of travel if you don’t have the perfect experience?

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