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Market Your Summer Excitement with a Pool Cabana Rental Giveaway

By June 14, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Market Your Summer Excitement with a Pool Cabana Rental Giveaway

With the arrival of the summer solstice next week, it’s official – the summer travel season is upon us.  Are you looking for a way to celebrate the launch of the season?  Do you want to create some buzz to help you stand out?  Whether it’s a one-time promotion or a weekly giveaway, a free pool cabana rental is a great way to get people excited about visiting your hotel or resort.  After all, hospitality trends are showing that guests want more than a just a place to rest their heads.

Online Sweepstakes

If you need a boost to a specific week’s occupancy rates or simply want to stand out to travelers planning their holiday travel, an online giveaway is a great way to get started.  By casting a wide net and having potential guests “sign up to win” on your website, you gain the opportunity to introduce them to your brand and your differentiators.

A sweepstakes is a campaign that gives entrants the opportunity to win a prize based on chance – but no purchase, payment, or special considerations are permitted in most states*.  While you may not be able to limit entries to those who have booked your hotel, a pool cabana rental giveaway is an incredibly cost-effective way to highlight your hotel and its amenities to potential guests.

Online Contest

Looking for ways to entice guests to come back?  Want to speak to a more specific demographic?  An online contest is a campaign that involves effort, skill, or merit in order to enter to win*.  In this case, there is no element of chance and judging/voting criteria must be clearly defined.

Depending on your goals and your target audience, photo and video contests are very popular.  Here are some fun ideas for an online contest:

  • Start a “Why You Need a Vacation in One Photo” campaign on your social media channels.
  • Invite guests to share their “Favorite Vacation Moment” from their stay at your property.
  • Put an enticing photo of a pool cabana on your website and create a form that asks entrants to “Caption This.”

In-Person Giveaway

Taking your promotion offline and offering a sweepstakes entry to all onsite guests is a great way to feature your pool cabana rentals.  Consider giving them a simple entry form at check-in and instruct them to place it in a box at the guest services desk* – where you’ll surely have information about renting the private space regardless of whether they win.

Looking for more marketing ideas?  Check out Marketing Ideas to Maximize Your Private Cabana Investment.

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*There are strict state and federal laws regarding sweepstakes, contests, and lotteries, and many social media platforms also have rules to follow.  Be sure to do your research or consult you attorney before engaging in any promotional campaigns.