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Learn to Differentiate Your Spa Business with Unique Offerings Like Outdoor Treatment Cabanas

By May 31, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Learn to Differentiate Your Spa Business with Unique Offerings Like Outdoor Treatment Cabanas

The secret to success in any competitive industry is to differentiate yourself from your competition.  What makes your offering better than the place down the road?  What’s your differentiating factor?  Whether you feature unique treatments (like the trending facial with a venom-like peptide mask) or you’ve learned to maximize your property (like using outdoor cabanas for massage rooms), there’s something about your business that makes your loyal customers come back again and again.  By identifying it, you’ll be able to redirect your marketing messages to communicate your distinct value for prospective clients, too.

Here are five major areas to consider when searching for your differentiating factor.


For some clientele, cost is the top factor for choosing between two spa businesses.  If this audience is your target, then featuring your low cost (but still good quality) treatments is the right path.  It’s important to stay up-to-date with the competition, and you may want to experiment with specials.  Maybe consider a “Happy Hour” special to bring clients in during your slowest time slots.


“Quality” in and of itself is not actually a differentiating factor because nearly all businesses claim to have high-quality services or products.  So, if quality is truly what makes you different, it’s essential to be specific.  Is it the quality of your customer service, techniques, or therapists/estheticians?  Gathering great reviews is the best way to add credibility to quality-driven messaging.


Perhaps you have made a quiet oasis centrally located downtown or you’ve created a destination property in the desert.  From convenience to solitude, your location may be what sets you apart – if it addresses your clients’ core needs.  Consider new ways to maximize your location.  If you have outdoor space, using private cabanas as treatment rooms will give you a unique talking point and truly specialized guest experience.


From trendy treatments to specialized staff, the services you offer at your spa may be different than your competition.  In this case, you not only need to communicate your unique offerings but also why your clients (or potential clients) need them.  Whether they’ll never see another wrinkle or their relaxation will continue post-massage in open-air “quiet cabanas,” use your marketing as an opportunity to paint a picture about what it’s like to experience your property.

Company Values

More businesses are differentiating themselves through their company values.  Whether your products are vegan, your property is self-sustaining, or a large percentage of your profits support a local nonprofit, more consumers are choosing their preferred brands because of the company’s principles.  If your business decisions are driven by your values, then this could be differentiating factor for you.  Start thinking of ways to make your core values visible to your clients in everything you do.

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