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Interesting Amenities: 3 Unique Stories for Using Your Resort Cabanas

By March 28, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
3 Unique Stories for Using Your Resort Cabanas

As a hotel owner, operator, or manager, you already know that your ability to differentiate your property from the competition is the key to success.  Here at Resort Cabanas, we continually impressed by the unique ways in which our clients are leveraging their top-quality cabanas to do just that.  After all, whether your property is someplace exotic and tropical or more of a small-town destination, travelers are looking for experiences when they travel – and those can be as simple as a relaxing day by the pool or as exciting as a cultural adventure.  It’s all about leveraging your assets.

Here are just a few of the creative ways we’ve seen our clients leverage their resort cabanas to create a more memorable guest experience.

Locally Inspired Tasting Rooms

Instead of hosting a traditional Friday and Saturday happy hour in the lobby, one of our clients started engaging the local community to help bring the area’s cultural influences onto the property.  Hosted in two of their 10’x10’ Polynesian Resort Cabanas, the hotel features at least one local winery or craft brewery and incorporates local flavors into their happy hour appetizer menu.

Not only has this helped to keep more of their guests on the property for dinner service, but it’s also helped the hotel gain a reputation for being an important member of the community.

Daycare and Child-Friendly Events

Many resorts have positioned themselves as “family-friendly,” and for one of our clients, they decided to take that positioning to the next level with child-oriented events – hosted in their Wailea Cabanas.  From arts & crafts to swimming lessons with professional instructors to evening movie viewing parties, some of the events are tailored for the whole family and others are designed to give parents a short break.

While the program required an investment from the hotel for properly trained staff and support resources, their guests have become incredibly loyal – often returning year after year.

Yoga, Pilates & Meditation Classes

Located in a gorgeous tropical setting with a rainforest feel, one of our clients wanted to offer outdoor yoga, Pilates, and meditation classes but struggled with unpredictable rain showers.  Inspired by the resort cabanas that already complemented the landscape around the pool, they ordered an additional 20’x20’ Cancun Cabana – which was big enough to fit between 10 and 15 guests for an open-air class that was never interrupted by the weather.

When their stormy season arrives, the property can rest-assured that their investment is safe, since they chose resort cabanas that were engineered for 180 MPH wind loads.

Just imagine the possibilities!  Our clients are a constant inspiration for us, and we hope they’re inspiring you, too.

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