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Strategies for Increasing F&B Revenue at Your Resort

By July 26, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Strategies for Increasing F&B Revenue at Your Resort

All resorts and hotels are looking for ways to improve sales and keep guests on the property more of the time.  Many have been looking to address today’s hospitality trends with modern designs, amenities, and experiential offerings.  Others are exploring strategies for increasing F&B revenue.  Whether your dining options are underperforming or simply have room for growth, these tactics can help you take your on-site restaurants to the next level.

Maximize Check-In Opportunities

When your property’s guests check in, your front desk staff has the opportunity to highlight the dining options that seem best-suited for the specific guest.  Whether promotional collateral, sample menus, or coupons are more fitting for your property, your front desk team should have access to marketing materials for every dining option on the property.  That way, they can tailor their suggestions for the guests.

Streamline Cross-Promotions

Each restaurant should help to promote others on the property, but the cross-promotion should have a strategy behind it.  Many vacationers aren’t thinking too far in advance when it comes to planning their meals.  As dinner guests sign their check, they should see the ideal place to eat breakfast.  As early risers sip their coffee, a table tent should guide them towards the best place for lunch or afternoon cocktails.

Offer Convenience

Depending on your guests’ needs, make sure your on-site dining offers convenient options.  From grab-and-go take-away to food allergy information, the simpler it is for your guests to order what they need on your property, the more likely you’ll start seeing increasing F&B revenue.

Host Happy Hours & Special Events

Not only do happy hours and special events offer a great marketing opportunity (on your website and at check-in), but they also give guests a reason to return to the restaurant despite already having experienced the menu.  Consider wine or craft beer tastings, live music, cooking classes, “sports night” viewings, or rotating “new menu item” samplings – and don’t forget to spread the word, so guests know to return.

Set-Up Online Ordering for Delivery or Pick-Up

In the age of DoorDash, Grubhub, and the myriad of other apps for food delivery, guests are becoming more accustomed to using technology for their in-room dining needs.  Many resorts are stepping away from the traditional room service model and are replacing it with online ordering direct from the property’s restaurants.  Additionally, you may want to consider listing your restaurants on those delivery apps, so your local community starts to recognize the dining options they so often overlook.

Market to the Community

If you’re open to welcoming community members on the property, it’s time to consider building a website and marketing strategy that’s solely focused on the restaurant(s).  Local diners are more likely to pass on a restaurant that is marketed as a hotel amenity, but they’re quick to overlook the restaurant’s on-site location if the marketing is done right.

Offer Truly Unique Dining Experiences

From the poolside amenities to the dining options, offering unique experiences will help you differentiate your property from the competition.  Commercial cabanas can help with both.  During the day, cabana rentals generate revenue for the property, but in the evening, they often go unused.  After the sun goes down, your cabanas can easily be transformed for a romantic candlelit dinner or intimate cocktail party.  If increasing F&B revenue is the goal, you should give guests the opportunity to upgrade their private dining experience.

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