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How to Use Event Cabanas to Craft Unforgettable Weddings for Your Guests

By May 22, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Destination Weddings & Event Cabanas

Especially within the Millennial generation, there’s a growing trend towards investing hard-earned dollars in unique experiences (instead of in traditional ones or on possessions).  This provides a fantastic opportunity for resorts to position themselves as a premier location for an unforgettable destination wedding – and your event cabanas (aka your pool or beach cabanas) just may be the key to standing out among the competition.

As you consider ways to craft extraordinary destination wedding packages, here are some event ideas for leveraging the stunning (weather-protected) backdrop of your top-quality cabanas.

Sunset Welcome Reception

With guests flying in from around the world, a welcome reception in your event cabanas sets the celebratory tone and provides the perfect time for everyone to start getting to know each other.  Some brides and grooms may want to include all of their guests in a welcome reception and others may want to focus on giving specific family members time to bond – an opportunity the hosts may not consider until you present it to them.

Tropical Rehearsal Dinner

At a destination wedding, guests often look forward to the rehearsal dinner as much as the actual wedding festivities – because it offers a time to enjoy each other’s company without the “day-of” formalities.  By hosting the dinner event inside your property’s cabanas, you create an intimate setting with a tropical feel.  After all, who wants to be indoors when the event is all about the destination?

Versatile Bridal Suite & Groomsmen’s Lounge

Wedding parties need a place to prepare and relax before the wedding, and the dressing rooms should be conveniently located near the ceremony’s location.  Both sophisticated and versatile, event cabanas are the ideal solution for outdoor weddings.  Include champagne service and light snacks for an added touch of class.

“Plan B” Ceremony

When a couple chooses a destination wedding, it’s likely that they’re envisioning an outdoor ceremony, but wedding coordinators in tropical locations know the importance of having a back-up plan for unpredictable weather.  Event cabanas empower you to offer an open-air solution that also includes reliable rain protection.

Intimate Reception

Smaller weddings don’t need to mean unremarkable wedding receptions.  Destination weddings often mean fewer guests – and it can be challenging to find a suitably sized space with an appropriate level of grandeur.  Event cabanas provide a flexible backdrop for smaller wedding receptions while adding that extra layer of “special” to the special day.

Relaxing Recovery Day

Instead of a traditional brunch, give the newlyweds the opportunity to continue the vacation-vibes of their destination wedding.  Nothing ruins a destination wedding like an epidemic of sunburns, so encourage the event hosts to rent a block of poolside cabanas for their guests to enjoy and consider offering a complimentary private cabana to the special couple for the day after the wedding.

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