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How to Upgrade Your Hotel with Resort Cabanas and Shade Structures

By January 27, 2020November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Updating Your Resort in the New Year

Custom Pool CabanasThere are three key public areas of your hotel or resort that just about every guest will come in contact with. They include  entryways, outdoor spaces, and your poolside or beachside areas. To attract people to your hotel, you want these main areas to look their best. You also want to make them function in such a way that they can increase revenue as well. Follow these tips for ways to upgrade your hotel with cabanas and shade structures.


Whether you’re updating your hotel exterior or simply want to add one impactful element to turn it into an inviting entryway, a shade structure can make a big difference without the added hassle and expense of a major renovation. 

Tensioned fabric structures can provide shelter over your entryways and walkways. Their versatile design gives you the flexibility to change over the years with minimal cost and repair. They also give you the opportunity to create a unique appearance for your hotel exterior.

Outdoor Spaces

Outdoor dining areas are popular and are a revenue-generating space for hotels and restaurants. You’ll want yours to look as stunning and inviting as possible. With the addition of resort cabanas, you can update any outdoor space. Bring a new stylish, yet functional design to your restaurant patio or outdoor seating area. 

Resort cabanas maximize opportunities for guests to gather outdoors in a more comfortable and intimate setting, even in inclement weather. Add outdoor heating to your cabanas to make the most of your investment.

Poolside and Beachside Areas

Hotel swimming pools remain one of the most sought-after amenities. Make your poolside and beachside areas as luxurious and appealing to guests as possible. As you look for ways to make your poolside or beachside areas more comfortable for guests, consider resort cabanas for a luxurious touch. Don’t forget to offer other amenities and services for these areas, such as upgrades to your food and beverage service, as well as fresh towel delivery. 

There’s plenty of competition for hotel reservations, so hoteliers have to pull out all the stops in providing the best services and amenities to guests. Use resort cabanas to give your guests exactly what they’re looking for and boost your bottom line.

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