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How to Protect Your Guests’ Health in Hot Climates | Resort Cabanas

By September 12, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
How to Protect Your Guests’ Health in Hot Climates | Resort Cabanas

As an operator of a tropical or hot-climate resort, you likely attract guests from all over the country (or globe).  They may be escaping the cold or simply drawn to the allure of relaxing by the pool, but vacationers who have chosen a warm destination certainly want to have fun in the sun.  However, many travelers underestimate the impact heat has on their health.  Resort cabanas help you protect your guests and ensure they can make the most of their hard-earned vacation.

Up to 63% of travelers report having experienced (or having been with a travel companion who has experienced) a medical problem while on vacation, and sunburn or heat-related issues are reliably one of the top concerns.  Marketing your resort cabanas can help to ease these concerns and make your property more attractive.

The Impact of Sunburns

Nothing ruins a tropical vacation like a sunburn at the beginning of the trip.  Guests who are on a beach or desert vacation are at an increased risk of getting sunburned because these destinations are closer to the equator, where the sun’s rays are significantly stronger than “back home.”  However, that’s probably not at the forefront of their thoughts as the excitement of arriving sets in.

Highlighting your resort cabanas at check-in can act as an important tool for reminding your guests about the need for increased sun protection during their stay.  This can be especially effective for guests with small children, as resort cabanas give your guests a shaded place to escape the sun during the hottest hours.  In the end, this makes their vacation far more safe, comfortable, and successful.

The Impact of Heat

In extreme heat, the human body begins to experience symptoms of heat exhaustion and heat stroke in as quickly as a single hour.  This impacts your resort because guests will have a harder time enjoying their stay if they’re experiencing the muscle aches, dizziness, nausea, severe thirst, and agitation that accompany heat exhaustion.

Here are some simple solutions you can implement to protect your guests’ and employees’ health during hot days at your property:

  • Set up self-service water stations throughout the grounds
  • Offer resort cabanas and other shade options at the pool and beach
  • Provide shade protection for employees who are working outdoors
  • Create respite areas (including water and shade) on golf courses and at other outdoor activity areas, such as tennis courts, volleyball courts, and walking paths
  • Consider installing retractable awnings for restaurant patios and seating areas

Ensuring your guests have an enjoyable time on your property means more than offering great activities and amenities.  It also means protecting their health and wellbeing during hot, sunny days.

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