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How to Position Your Hotel as a ‘Local Destination’

By August 20, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Position as a Local Destination

Earlier this month, a new report from the U.S. Travel Association highlighted an alarming travel trend – or, perhaps more appropriately, a non-travel trend.  A reported 768 million vacation days went unused in 2018, and Americans quoted “cost” and “difficulty getting away from work” as the top two reasons for not traveling.  So, while this may be disheartening for some hotel and resort properties located in tourist destinations, it poses an exciting opportunity for those who can position themselves as a local destination.

Here was our biggest takeaway from the study:

American workers have vacation days to use and they want to travel, but many forfeit their time off because they can’t take a long adventure right now.

Positioning Your Property as a Local Destination

Of course, we all dream of long, lazy vacations in far off places, but we live in the real world (and your future guests do, too).  Encouraging travel to local destinations breaks through the two biggest barriers of travel – cost and difficulty getting away from work – because it makes for a much less expensive getaway and trip lengths can be shorter (but the relaxation can be just as indulgent).

Attracting this local target audience is all about positioning.  It’s about presenting your property as a local destination – not just a hotel but a true vacation experience (just with less of the hassle).

Position Your Property as a Local DestinationUpgrade Your On-Site Amenities.  Positioning your hotel as a local destination means transforming your property into a place people want to be (both indoors and out).  Give them something to look forward to and a way to feel like they’re indulging, like poolside cabana rentals.

Create On-Site Experiences.  A hotel is a place where guests lay their heads at night.  A destination is where they settle into vacation mode, even if it’s only for a long weekend.  Move happy hour and the morning breakfast buffet out to the pool (that’s what cabanas are for, right?).  Bring local vendors in for craft beer tastings, food tastings, entertainment, etc.  The opportunities are endless.

Become the Ideal Romantic Getaway.  By featuring candle-lit poolside dinners and couple massages in a cabana, you can start attracting those local couples who need a little time to reconnect – away from the stress of everyday life.

Maximize Strategic Partnerships and Local Attractions.  Every town has something unique about it.  Whether it’s a charming downtown area, a river to float down, or a historical site, make the best parts of your community a part of your local destination campaign.  Show future guests how to have some fun if they decide to go exploring for a little while.

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