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How to Maximize Your Outdoor Space with Furniture, Lighting, Quality Cabanas & More!

By June 26, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Maximize Your Outdoor Space with Quality Cabanas & Shade

Now that summer is in full swing and you’re watching your guests enjoy your property, it’s time to consider whether your outdoor space has achieved its maximum potential.  Whether your property has sweeping lawns and multiple pools or smaller, more limited space – there are countless opportunities for using every valuable inch.  From multipurpose furniture that solves space issues to top-quality cabanas that offer semi-private nooks, here are four creative ways to make your outdoor spaces more inviting this summer and beyond.

Find the Right Furniture

Comfortable seating and functional tables are a must for balconies, rooftop patios, and lounging areas, but they need to work for the space.  Hotel and resort properties with larger expanses of space to fill can use big, oversized pieces, but smaller areas (especially inside your cabanas) should take a different approach.  Consider multipurpose pieces – such as ottomans or sturdy coffee tables – that can double as seats.

Also, if you’re investing in high-quality cabanas and other amenities, it’s time to say goodbye to low-quality and plastic furnishings.  Think comfort, stability, and luxury – regardless of whether it’s a large or small space.  Read more about how to “Furnish for Success” on our blog.

Think About Creative Placement

In smaller spaces – like balconies, “hidden” lounge areas, and cabanas – experiment with different layouts to see what works best, but be sure that you’re minding the path guests will use to enter and exit the space.  If they have to climb over each other, your valuable outdoor space becomes unusable.  There’s a balance to be found between using as much of the space as possible without overstuffing it.

For large spaces, creative placement becomes a key for keeping guests flowing through the area.  Guests gravitate towards seating areas, groupings of tables, and decorative features (like water fountains or fireplaces).  A well-designed layout will prevent all the guests from being packed into one area.  When looking to grab your guests’ attention and direct them towards your VIP quality cabanas, consider situating loungers just in front with strategically placed bright-colored accent pillows.

Consider the Climate

In tropical or hot-climate destinations, it’s essential to protect your guests from the strong summer sun.  The challenge, however, is to find shade solutions that blend seamlessly into your property’s aesthetic while still be exceptionally functional.  When your patio umbrellas fail to stand the test of time, commercial-quality cabanas and retractable awnings provide the elegance and style your guests desire.

If you hear “it’s too cool to sit outside” more often than you’d like, then it may be time to consider heating options.  There are countless ways to keep guests warm while adding to the charm of your outdoor spaces.  Traditional solutions – like free-standing propane heaters, gas firepits, and cozy blankets – are the standard.  But if you want to take your luxurious style to the next level, consider pairing InfraTech Comfort heaters with your commercial quality cabanas and retractable awnings (which trap some of the heat and more efficiently warm the space).

Provide the Right Mood Lighting

Lighting is arguably the most important way to set the mood of a space.  Cool and bright lighting will keep people alert, while warm and soft lighting will let them relax.  Your lighting design depends on your brand personality, the location you’re lighting, and goals for the space.  From candlelight on restaurant patios to strings of café lights lining your beach path to LED lighting in the pool area, your options are vast.  Pro tip: your pool or beach-side cabanas aren’t just for daytime activities.  With the right furniture and mood lighting, they become ideal spaces for private dining or hosting intimate evening events.

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