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How to Increase Hotel Occupancy During the Midweek Slump

By November 21, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
How to Increase Hotel Occupancy During the Midweek Slump

During the height of tourist season, it’s much easier to keep your hotel and resort at full occupancy throughout the week.  But now that the cool weather is here and the holidays are fast approaching, many properties are searching for ways to increase hotel occupancy – especially during the middle of the week.

Here are our Top 5 Tips to Increase Hotel Occupancy during the slowest days of the week.

Tip #1: Market Strategically

As the season slows down, your resources inevitably become limited, so it’s more important than ever to be strategic about how you spend your marketing dollars.  To increase hotel occupancy during the midweek slump, take special consideration to identify who to target – for example, retirees may be more flexible midweek than CEOs – and what’s most important to them.  Then, consider targeted promotional campaigns*, e-newsletters*, and/or cross-promotional partnerships with certain local attractions or businesses.

Tip #2: Create Promotional Packages

Instead of giving into the temptation to slash the cost of your rooms, give your guests more of what they really want.  By combining room accommodations with services that add value to your guests’ stay, you’ll be able to mask the standard room rate while maximizing the chances that guests will use amenities that may have otherwise been overlooked.  Don’t forget to consider ways to leverage your cabanas in promotional packages.

Tip #3: Give Away Midweek Prizes

Who doesn’t love getting something for free?  Increase hotel occupancy and build your social media following by throwing sweepstakes or contests* for prizes like midweek room accommodations, dining credits, spa gift certificates, or free hotel cabana rentals.  The opportunities are only limited by your imagination.

Tip #4: Get Creative with Midweek Events

Start thinking creatively about hosting events that draw attention to your property midweek – such as book signings, art shows, one-day conferences, or personal development seminars.  Think about ways you can make these events truly unique, such as private meet-and-greets or intimate happy hours with the guest of honor in your heated poolside cabanas.

Tip #5: Tempt with Trip Extensions

We’ve all had that feeling of “I wish we had just one more day” when a vacation was coming to an end.  You can capitalize on that sentiment by offering promotional rates or valuable amenity upgrades (like a lazy Monday in a cabana) to guests who choose to extend their stays.  Experiment with your clientele to see whether the offer is most effective in the pre-stay email, at check-in, or on the last evening of their stay.

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*Laws surrounding digital advertising and marketing are continually evolving, so be sure to do your research to protect your company and your clients before launching any digital campaigns.