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How to Increase Bar Profits at Your Resort (by Maximizing Outdoor Spaces)

By February 27, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
How to Increase Bar Profits

The hospitality industry is arguably the most competitive industry in the United States – for both hotels & resorts and restaurants & bars.  So, when you’re looking to increase bar profits at your resort, it can be an intimidating undertaking.  However, resort restaurants and bars with outdoor spaces have amazing potential for enticing travelers to stay on the property instead of always venturing off-site.

Tips for Leveraging Your Resort Setting to Increase Bar Profits

Whether you have a small patio, large rooftop setting, or you service the entire pool-deck, your outdoor access provides amazing potential for creating inviting, hype-worthy spaces – transforming them from ordinary to profit generating.  Here are some simple ideas that are sure to help you increase bar profits and get your creative juices flowing.

  1. Craft Inspired Cocktail Menus – Pull from inspiration from the surrounding landscape or local flavors to create a unique cocktail menu with drinks that create an experience. Many travelers leave the resort because they’re looking for a more authentic experience, but you can bring it to them.
  2. Create Themes – Differentiate each bar on your property with distinct themes to give guests a unique experience at each location. This helps to battle against the sentiment that guests need to leave the property to enjoy something new.
  3. Add Entertainment* – From live music to outdoor games, you’ll entice guests to stay on the property more if you find ways to keep them entertained. If you have limited restaurant and bar facilities on the property, different entertainment-themed nights can encourage guests to come back multiple times during one stay.
  4. Promote Private Spaces* – Put your poolside cabanas to work for you even after the sun goes down. By allowing your guests to reserve (or rent) a cabana in the evening, you’ll offer yet another unique guest experience and increase bar profits.
  5. Market Your Bars & Their Differentiators – Feature your restaurants and bars on your website, in your social media, and in your pre-trip email communications. By implementing some of the previous tips, you can highlight the things that make each bar different – so that guests are already craving a specific cocktail when they step on the plane.

When looking to increase bar profits, it’s all about enticing guests to stay on the property for more of their stay.  If the off-season is the challenge, consider these tips for maximizing off-season occupancy.

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* Before adding entertainment or serving alcohol in new locations of your resort, check your relevant licenses and local regulations.