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How to Generate Revenue with Hotel Package Deals

By December 23, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
hotel package deals

When hotel guests are shopping around for a place to stay, hotel package deals are tempting. Not only can they tempt travelers to book your hotel over the competition, but they may also want to extend their stay if the price is right. 

Attractive hotel package deals from a free night to other special offers can convince someone to make a buying decision quickly. Use hotel package deals to bring in customers and generate revenue for your hotel with the following tips.

Advance bookings

Advance bookings reduce the chance of cancellations. Booking in advance also increases the likelihood that a guest will spend more than customers who book a standalone room. 

When a hotel puts out a package deal, guests will take up the offer and want to stay for more nights because of the perceived value they’re getting. Travelers are looking for a unique experience when they choose a hotel, and they’re willing to pay for it. These hotel package deals can boost the hotel’s profits while meeting this need — and can bring back repeat customers as well.

Keep rooms booked

Package deals can keep your occupancy rates high during the off-season. Use the off-season to promote seasonal events to increase bookings and keep those rooms booked all throughout the year. 

These deals are also an opportunity to build customer loyalty. When you combine additional services in your hotel package deals, guests engage more with all your hotel has to offer, and it can be a big factor and getting repeat business. Figure what services might be bundled as an attractive hotel package and see how that increases bookings and creates word-of-mouth advertising for your hotel.

Local partners

Think of ways to work with local vendors and attractions for cross-promotions. When travelers visit your area, they’ll want to experience the best of what your community has to offer. Take advantage of this by creating packages that include guided tours — or even a discounted admission — to local amusement parks and attractions as part of the deal.

Package deals are an excellent way to increase hotel revenue. Make sure you consider all possibilities for creating can’t-miss packages to maximize your hotel offerings.

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