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How Hotel Cabanas Add Value to Your Rooftop Patio

By April 26, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
How Hotel Cabanas Add Value to Your Rooftop Patio

Ideal for attracting guests who love the sun or want to dance under the stars, rooftop patios open a world of opportunity for a wide range of properties, including urban properties that need to make the most of limited outdoor space and seaside properties that want to make the most of stunning ocean views.  Regardless of your location, hotel cabanas take your rooftop patio to the next level.

Adding to the Aesthetics

Whether your rooftop patio feels more like a lounge or a pool deck, cabanas can add to the aesthetics of the space.  Decks with large expanses of space can use the cabanas to differentiate between the areas and produce little nooks for guests to enjoy some privacy.  Similarly, if your property is in an urban setting where taller buildings are within view, the cabanas can help to create intimate spaces that battle against the feeling of being dwarfed.  Some properties use strategically placed cabanas to block less appealing views and highlight the best ones.

Hotel cabanas can be designed to add vibrant pops of color or to blend in with the surrounding aesthetics.  It’s all about your brand personality.

Providing Poolside Shade

Rooftop pools are a highly sought-out amenity in urban settings, and guests are sure to love the novelty of the experience.  However, rooftop pools are notorious for getting incredibly hot in the afternoon sun.  Hotel cabanas are the ideal solution for providing much needed shade while adding an element of luxury to the space.  Whether your pool is on the ground level or the rooftop, what guest wouldn’t love being served a cocktail while lounging in their private cabana?

Hosting the Best Nightlife

When the sun goes down, rooftop patios have immense potential for being the backdrop to the best parties in town.  If you’re considering welcoming the nightlife scene into your space, hotel cabanas help to transform your rooftop patio from a cool space to a VIP experience.  If you’ve ever been to a club or lounge, you know that guests pay a great deal for table service.  Imagine the potential of offering a private cabana to those who want to host their private party in style.

How Hotel Cabanas Add Value to Your Rooftop PatioExplore Your Options for Hotel Cabanas

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