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How Durable Cabanas Help Your Hotel During the Off-Season

By October 15, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments

Even though the temperatures have dropped, it doesn’t mean that you don’t have options for attracting guests to your property.  It just means that you may have to be a bit more creative in your approach! If your property already has commercial-grade, durable cabanas on-site, then you’re ahead of the curve. That’s because these amenities are incredibly well-suited for complementing your properties’ outdoor amenities (regardless of the weather) and maximizing guests’ experiences all year long. 

Here are some of the ways you can leverage your durable cabanas during the off-season.

Create Cool-Weather Comfort

If you operate a property with a rooftop patio, you will want to keep that open for as much of the winter as you can. The perfect pairing for a rooftop lounge is cabanas and patio heaters! 

Heated cabanas bring the best of both worlds to partygoers – a great outdoor view with incredible comfortability.  They also pay off for resort properties looking to extend the summer season into fall. With people coming from much colder climates to milder fall and winter locales, they don’t mind sitting by the pool or jacuzzi when the thermometer reads in the 60s.  A heated cabana keeps them comfortable.  

Having a hard time envisioning these scenarios?  Check out how ski resorts keep things going all winter long, surrounded by snow!

Generate Additional Income Streams

While resort cabanas look good and offer your guests a unique experience at your property, they also can increase the bottom line.

The two biggest income generators of resort cabanas are half and full-day rentals and auxiliary food and beverage spending.  Whether you require a spend minimum, or you service the cabanas with wait staff, the opportunity is present to bring in food and beverage revenue.

That’s not all. Those are just two of the seven ways to generate additional income streams.

Host All-Weather Events

As ballrooms fill up for holiday and New Year’s parties, space quickly becomes a premium.  When the weather allows, outdoor areas with VIP cabanas become a hot commodity.  

Can you create an event that will make great use of the space?  One example could be a wine, champagne, and cigar pairing. WIth proper heating and great use of durable cabanas, guests can enjoy a comfortable cigar experience that doesn’t trap people in a smoky room. 

Weddings are also another popular winter outdoor happening. Couples who are snow enthusiasts are not afraid to be surrounded by a winter wonderland while saying their “I dos.”  With durable cabanas, guests and the wedding party are fashionably comfortable while being surrounded by the beauty of the season.

Explore Your Options for Durable Cabanas 

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