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Hotel Management Tips: How to Be an Effective Hotel Manager

By December 9, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
hotel management tips

A hotel’s location, amenities, and design aesthetic are all contributing factors toward bringing in guests and making your hotel a popular destination. While those details are all important in today’s competitive climate, a hotel’s overall success can be largely attributed to hotel management. Learn the key habits of an effective hotel manager with these hotel management tips.


Effective managers have effective communication skills. As a hotel manager, you’ll want to keep everyone on staff in the loop of key policies, happenings, issues, etc. Use the method that works best for communicating each item, from company-wide emails to staff meetings, to a whiteboard with the scheduling or staff information you need to convey to the group.

Hire and train well

In the hospitality industry, you want to be sure you’re hiring the right staff to be the face of your brand to hotel guests. Be selective in your hiring to find employees who will have the people skills and dedication to run your hotel running smoothly and take good care of your guests at all times. Train them well, so they have enough expertise and authority to make sound decisions on their own, which frees you up to do your job, such as finding new ways to improve the hotel or chatting up guests.  

Lead by example

The best leaders lead by example. Set the standard for your hotel staff with your integrity and desire to treat guests as if the hotel is your own. Always be prepared to handle stressful or emergency situations and handle them calmly to keep guests and staff at ease. Your grace under fire will significantly affect the workplace environment as well as the guest experience. 


Stay on top of your game as a hotel manager by gleaning hotel management tips from the latest news in your industry. Study trends and technology that may impact your business. This can also include anything from learning how to lead employees to treating your guests with personalized service. There’s always room for improvement in your role as a leader, and there’s always something your hotel could be doing better to serve guests.

Listen to guests

Strike up conversations with your customers and learn more about them so you can help them enjoy their stay better. Listen to any feedback they might have, whether positive or negative and find ways to accommodate them or offer suggestions. Also, pay attention to any online reviews guests are leaving about your hotel. What they say online about their experience can affect business, so use that information to your advantage. 

Use hotel management software with the option to track guest preferences, so you can deliver the best service. Create surveys for your guests to find out about their experience—you never know where your next great idea for your hotel will come from.

With these hotel management tips, create a positive and welcoming environment at your hotel. With a capable and versatile hotel manager at the helm, your hotel will no doubt see return visitors and a confident, friendly staff who love being there.

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