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Hosting Events: Ways to Generate Profits with a Top-Quality Hotel Cabana

By August 9, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Ways to Generate Profits with a Top-Quality Hotel Cabana

There’s a reason high-end properties choose top-quality hotel cabana designs for their guests.  Not only do they add luxury to the pool or beach-side experience; they also provide opportunities for generating new revenue streams.  When you use your hotel cabanas as a backdrop for events, you’re inviting your guests into a truly unique experience.  And after all, today’s hospitality trends show that guests are looking for so much more than a place to lay their heads at night.

Event opportunities in your hotel cabana are only limited by your imagination.  Here are just some creative ideas to get you thinking about your amenities in a new (and profitable) way.

The Engagement Moment

Commercial Beach CabanasThere are so many ways to leverage your cabanas for weddings, but what about offering engagement packages to help plan the special moment that starts it all?  If you’ve been working to position your hotel as a romantic getaway, then you’re already halfway there. Just think what every soon-to-be finance wants: an intimate, candlelit meal by the glimmering pool or crashing waves, bubbles rising from their glasses of champagne, and special treatment by the staff.  Couple the engagement moment with flower petals back in the room, and you have a highly marketable package.

The Corporate Event (with a non-corporate feel)

How Hotel Cabanas Add Value to Your Rooftop PatioTrends show that employees want more than a paycheck from their businesses, and hosted events are one way for employers to show their appreciation.  However, getting colleagues to relax and enjoy each other’s company can be a challenge.  Shifting from a traditional restaurant setting to a luxury hotel cabana backdrop lets the natural ambiance do the work for you.  Whether your corporate event guests are looking for a tray-passed cocktail party or a formal dinner, your cabanas provide the relaxing aesthetic that supports camaraderie and team building.

The Local Appeal – Create a Tasting Room

Ways to Generate Profits with a Top-Quality Hotel CabanaKeeping your resort guests on the property means keeping their dollars on the property, too.  However, every operator knows this can be a challenge because guests have a desire for new experiences while on vacation.  Consider bringing the outside world to them, instead of having guests venture away each night.  Perhaps you have one hotel cabana that’s designated as the local tasting room in the evening hours – where you invite a local winery, brewery, or specialty food vendor each night.

The Happy Hour Twist

Ways to Generate Profits with a Top-Quality Hotel CabanaAdd an innovative twist to your restaurants’ happy hours.  By hosting happy hour in an open-air venue, you can start the party poolside and then transition guests towards a more formal dining experience inside the restaurant.  If you have multiple restaurants onsite, consider rotating which one hosts each night.  This helps you generate direct sales and provides an exceptional opportunity to market each restaurant to your guests.  For more ideas on maximizing your onsite restaurants, check out our post: Strategies for Increasing F&B Revenue at Your Resort.

Explore Your Options for Event-Worthy Hotel Cabana Designs

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