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Hospitality Trends: Design, Amenities & Experiences

By March 1, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Cabanas and Hospitality Trends

Whether you’re a boutique hotel or a grand resort, competition in the industry remains fierce.  Online booking platforms have made it even more important for you to stand out, and the increasing trust in review apps like Trip Advisor and Yelp has put more pressure on you to consistently deliver exceptional guest experiences.  While we believe resort cabanas helps you achieve those goals, we also know that there’s so many elements impacting your success.  That’s why we’re bringing you the top trends that are affecting hotels and resorts from coast-to-coast.

Prioritizing Great Design

In the age of convenience, guests need more than just comfort from their hotels.  Great design has become a mainstream expectation, regardless of whether you’re a luxury property or bare bones.  Considering your guests’ ideal aesthetics and actual needs have become a top priority for successful hotels and resorts.  From the look and feel to the functionality, taking your property to the next level will require you to think about your design choices.

Amenities Featured Online

The online world has taken competition in the hospitality industry to the next level.  Your amenities now play an even more essential role in your property’s success because it helps you to stand out online.  For example, a property with poolside or beachfront cabanas will stand above competitors who simply have a pool or beach.  Take advantage of your amenities by ensuring you have stunning photographs and exceptional descriptions online.  For ideas on marketing your resort cabanas, check out this post.

Experiences Beyond the Room

Today’s guests want more than a place to lay their heads at night.  They want to experience your property and the surrounding area.  Help your guests have exceptional experiences at your hotel by giving them what they really want.  From romantic dining in your private cabanas to pool party events to excursions booked through your guest services, you have endless opportunities to address your guests’ need for unforgettable moments.

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