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5 Tips for Becoming a More Pet-Friendly Destination | Hospitality Trends

By February 13, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
5 Tips for Becoming a More Pet-Friendly Destination | Hospitality Trends

In the age of emotional support animals and purse-sized puppies, it’s never been easier for people to travel with their pets.  While many hotels and resorts are pushing back against the emerging pet-friendly hospitality trends, others are recognizing the power of creating a welcoming space for four-legged companions.  After all, being able to market yourself as a pet-friendly destination gives you just one more way to stand out from the competition.

Tip #1 – Designate Outdoor Relief Areas

It may sound simple, but it’s easy to overlook.  Designate outdoor relief areas throughout your property and encourage pet owners to use them (instead of taking Bella to do her business in the flower beds).  Also, make picking up after pets a no-brainer by providing easy access to waste bags.

Tip #2 – Explain the Rules

Communication is the key for any successful relationship – including the relationship you have with your guests.  At check-in, explain where the animals are welcomed and point out the areas that are designated as humans-only.  To make sure your staff is consistent, you’ll need to (re)define your property’s policies, such as additional cleaning fees, increased security deposits for guests with pets, blocks of rooms that are pet-friendly, etc.

Tip #3 – Provide the Supplies

From water bowls to pet beds, traveling with an animal can feel like traveling with a toddler.  Take the stress away for your guests by keeping these common items in-house and stocking their room appropriately.  Some often-overlooked supplies include mats to go under water bowls, in-room spot-cleaning supplies (for unexpected accidents), and door hangers to alert housekeeping about the pet occupant.

Tip #4 – Create Pet-Friendly Amenities

Encourage those guests who have pets to rent a poolside cabana, so the animal can enjoy the day outside without being in anyone’s way (many hotels only let animals poolside if they’re contained within a cabana).  Create areas where animals can run around a bit.  Maybe even consider offering special treats or doggie menus on outdoor patios.  Animal lovers are fun-lovers, so play to their happy nature.

Tip #5 – Market Your Amenity

While going pet-friendly is great for your guests, it can be even better for your profitability.  From adding landing page on your website that speaks to pet-owning travelers (complete with a happy photo of Rufus in his tropical cabana) to launching an animal-oriented social media promotion, it’s important to think of your pet-friendly status as an amenity that you can leverage to attract more guests.

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