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Glitz & Glamour – Hosting New Year’s Eve Parties in Your VIP Cabanas

By December 20, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Hosting New Year’s Eve Parties in Your VIP Cabanas

For many resorts and hotels across the globe, New Year’s Eve has the potential to be among the highest occupancy nights of the year.  However, this also means it is one of the most competitive holidays in the hospitality industry.  Are you looking for ways to differentiate your property and entice winter travelers?  It’s time to consider hosting truly unique events in your heated VIP cabanas.

Trends Towards Experiences

Hospitality trends show that guests crave experiences – period.  Regardless of the time of year.  Regardless of whether they’re staying local or traveling to an exciting destination.  Regardless of their who their travel companions may be (family vacations and romantic getaways alike).

Give your guests more of what they want by intertwining fun New Year’s Eve-inspired experiences with their stay.  From a complimentary glass of champagne to a photo booth in the lobby to a full-scale party, there’s nothing better than a hotel that gets in the celebratory mood right along with its guests.

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Planning for New Year’s Eve Success

While all NYE guests crave interesting events, not all properties are designed to be the ultimate party destination for an all-night celebration.  Even if you’re confined by limited serving hours on your liquor license or you’re located in close proximity to the “real” party, there are endless opportunities to tempt travelers with your festivities.

Pre-Party Dining – From a specialized menu to reservations in your heated poolside cabanas, planning an early dinner celebration to help guests (and community members) kick off the night will help you maximize your F&B profits during the holiday.

Private Parties – Take “table service” to the next level.  Your VIP cabanas give you the opportunity to market a one-of-a-kind private party experience to your guests, strategic partners, and the local community.

Marketing Promotions – Use your NYE plans to spread the word about your property and all it has to offer.  Post the event and regular updates on social media.  Add photos to your website.  Craft a promotional campaign for reservations in your VIP cabanas.  Click here for more hotel marketing tips.

Upsell Your Guests – Your staff has countless opportunities to upsell your guests on your NYE festivities.  Ensure every guests has been invited to participate in your on-site celebrations – at check-in and throughout their stay.

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