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Furnishing for Success – How to Maximize the Value Your Hotel Cabanas

By October 11, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
How to Maximize the Value Your Hotel Cabanas

Top-quality hotel cabanas are the perfect way to add elegance and style to your outdoor amenities, but if they’re furnished with poor-quality accessories, you’re missing the opportunity to maximize their value.

Today’s travelers want more than a place to rest their heads at night.  They are drawn to great design – both in the room and throughout the property – and they feel let down when a property fails to address their aesthetic and physical needs.  That’s why we’ve compiled some ideas to help you furnish for success, so you can get the most out of your hotel cabanas.

Furniture Quality – First things first: say goodbye to any plastic furniture or styles that could be traced back to grandma’s lawn set.  You’ve invested in commercial-grade cabanas, so you should also invest in commercial-grade furnishings.  Think comfort, stability, and luxury when you’re shopping for pool furnishings.

Furniture Styles – Depending on the size options of your hotel cabanas, you have a variety of furniture styles to choose from.  Consider deep-cushioned chairs or love seats, modular sofas, coffee tables or side tables, dining areas, and easily movable chaise lounges (so guests can choose shade or sunshine as the day lazily passes by).

Vibrant Decorations – Add life to your hotel cabanas with vibrant splashes of color.  Get inspired by the natural surroundings, such as red flowers or the blue pool, or take the opportunity to incorporate your brand colors.  Your guests will love the added care you’ve taken to turn a functional space into a beautiful oasis.

Lighting Options – If you’ll have guests in your cabanas after the sun goes down, then it’s essential to design soft lighting that sets the perfect mood.  Whether you’re hosting evening events or offering unique private dining options, you may want to consider a combination of overhead lighting and lamps.

Technology Opportunities – Today’s hotel cabanas can be accessorized with secure TV mounts, giving you the opportunity to upsell your guests to a more high-tech cabana experience.

Climate Control – Creating the most comfortable experience possible means addressing the climate concerns of your area.  Ceiling fans can be installed inside the cabana to help with those hot summer days, and infrared heaters can keep your guests warm on those cooler autumn evenings.

Explore Your Options for Top-Quality Hotel Cabanas

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