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From Lean Luxury to Hotel Cabanas: Addressing Your Guests’ Real Needs

By March 29, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
From Lean Luxury to Hotel Cabanas- Addressing Your Guests’ Real Needs

The definition of luxury is changing with today’s travelers, and the new wave of “leaner luxury” is rolling in.  This isn’t to say that opulence and extravagance isn’t still valued by many, but trends are showing a shift towards experiences and a great brand story.  This means amenities – such as VIP hotel cabanas, tech-friendly spaces, and locally-sourced restaurants – are becoming more important than gilded gold detailing and caviar room-service.

Embracing Lean Luxury

Whether you believe your guests aren’t valuing the old standards of luxury or that these standards are simply the new baseline, lean luxury is centered around your ability to take service to the next level.  Guests simply aren’t paying attention to the thread-counts and brand names as they once did – it’s just expected.  Now, intuitive hotel experiences have taken center stage.  Properties that incorporate technology into their spaces – from the rooms to the meeting areas to the hotel cabanas – will stand out from the competition.

Telling the Right Story

Lean luxury also includes addressing consumers’ need for a well-told story.  This means painting a picture of the experiences they can expect onsite, your differentiators, and how you fit within the surrounding community.  The key is to craft a story that makes you stand out from your competition.  From locally sourced bath products that fill the room with the scent of native plants to unique private dining experiences in your hotel cabanas, your story helps to turn potential customers into loyal guests.  For ideas on how to use your hotel cabanas as a marketing opportunity, read our post: Marketing Ideas to Maximize Your Private Cabana Investment.

Making It About the People

Blending lean luxury with telling the right story, your guests’ real needs are centered around people.  Intuitive hospitality experiences mean more than the incorporation of technology; it means training your staff to recognize guest needs even before the guest does.  From reserving hotel cabanas at check-in for families with young children to suggesting unique experiences at the time of booking, successful hotels and resorts are focusing on personalized care.  Similarly, employees are increasingly becoming part of the brand story – giving a friendly face to your brand.

To read more about trends in the hospitality industry, read our post: Hospitality Trends: Design, Amenities & Experiences.

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