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What is the Difference Between Commercial Cabanas and Retail Cabanas?

By November 9, 2017November 23rd, 2022No Comments

The question comes up all the time: what is the difference between commercial cabanas and those I can buy at a retail outlet?  The answer is: just about everything, but especially quality.  Resort cabanas are not a new concept.  Vacationers across the globe have been relaxing under the shade of these outdoor oases for decades.  However, every resort owner knows that well-made cabanas add great value to a property, while poorly made ones can certainly detract from the poolside experience.

The Intended Use – Commercial cabanas are intended for high-volume use at resorts, hotels, spas, HOA’s, restaurants, and golf courses, while the retail outlet cabanas are more appropriate for backyards and residential uses.

The Quality – From the premier Sunbrella fabric material to the sturdy frame construction, the quality of commercial cabanas far exceeds those that can be found in your local shops.  When relaxing on the beach or by the pool at a resort, guests expect a certain level of quality.  Residential cabanas tend to use lower quality materials which causes your cabana to deteriorate quicker.  They look and feel cheaper, and you lose that Resort feel.

The Durability – Depending on the design, your commercial cabanas can be made to withstand serious weather conditions.  This can mean being water repellent and resistant to fading, staining, and mildew, or it can mean that the cabanas are approved to withstand winds up to 180 MPH.  For resorts and facilities located in weather-prone locations, engineered commercial cabanas are essential.

The Manufacturing Origin – Commercial cabanas purchased through Resort Cabanas are designed and manufactured in our Southern California facility.  Each cabana is made to the highest standards, and each sale supports our local economy.  Cabanas purchased through retail outlets often come from overseas, and the finished product can end up being quite different than promised.

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