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Are Custom Cabanas Right for Our Property?

By November 22, 2017November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Custom Cabanas

Custom cabanas are an ideal way of adding exceptional levels of class and value to a property, but not every resort, hotel, or golf course needs this high-end option.  There are many types of cabanas to explore when deciding on which designs are right for your property, including custom cabanas, engineered cabanas, and non-engineered cabanas. Custom cabanas are designed for your specifications, while engineered and non-engineered cabanas are predesigned.

By asking yourself these questions, you can identify whether custom cabanas are the best choice for you.

Who Is the Clientele?

To put it simply, upscale venues require more luxurious amenities. If your guests are particular about the details of their visit and expect the highest quality throughout their experience, then custom cabanas allow you to design the structure with your guests’ preferences in mind.

Are There Unique Design Specifications?

From a massage cabana on the sand to a bar gazebo on the pool island, there are some circumstances that are truly unique.  Oftentimes, a property is working with unusual size specifications or overcoming specific design challenges.  A custom cabana goes beyond “good enough” to be absolutely ideal for your exact needs.

Are There Challenging Weather Conditions?

For properties located in areas where inclement weather is a part of normal life, choosing the right cabana design becomes especially important.  Non-engineered cabanas are not generally suited for any significantly bad weather, while engineered cabanas can withstand wind up to 180 mph, depending on the design.  However, if your property experiences cold weather, custom cabanas can be built to withstand significant snow loads, too.

What Are the Special Event Needs?

Properties with special event potential can leverage custom designed cabanas to create exclusive spaces.  From private open-air dining rooms to semi-private party rooms, custom cabanas give you the opportunity to transform your special event venues.

Explore Your Options for Pre-Fabricated and Custom Cabanas

At Resort Cabanas (a division of Eide Industries, Inc.), we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and engineering custom commercial cabanas and pre-fabricated options. With almost 80 years of extensive design, construction, metal fabrication, industrial sewing, and installation experience, we are proud to offer the highest quality products possible made right here in the U.S.

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