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Create An Influencer Moment with your Resort Cabanas

By May 16, 2022October 25th, 2023No Comments
Influencer Moments and Resort Cabanas

When it comes to running a resort effectively, it all boils down to one thing: Maximizing the value you create in any given space. Over the last few years, a large part of that value equation has been related to social buzz through influencer moments. Getting potential guests excited about a specific aspect of your property that gives them a reason to book a room or spend the day at your pool.

In other words, folks want their “influencer moment.” An excellent way to create this moment is through a custom resort cabana. Here’s how:

Create an Unforgettable Influencer Aesthetic

Influencers and Resort Cabanas

Whether your outdoor space is meant to be casual or more sophisticated, it all starts with understanding the aesthetic you’re after, and running with that theme. Are you looking for an edgy party space? Or somewhere for people to lay back and relax out of the sun the whole day? Depending on your answer, you’re going to go for different features and visuals. Most importantly, however, is how those guests are going to look while enjoying your cabana. Take the time to invest in the right furniture, and transform your space into an embodiment of the lifestyle you’re trying to emulate. You want those “influencer moments” to really resonate with others who haven’t had the chance to experience such a thing.

It’s All About Location

Influencers and Resort Cabanas

Now that your aesthetic meets the influencer vibe check, you’re going to want to think of what’s around the resort cabana. And in the end, it’s all about location. Your best cabanas should have prime locations around your pool deck, depending on the purpose of your aesthetic. You will want to position these structures so that they’re visually pleasing, and just beckoning for guests to take a photo with them. There needs to be a strategy between where you place your resort cabanas, so that you can maximize that “wow” factor.

Utilize Word of Mouth

Influencer Moments and Resort Cabanas

You’ve got the perfect location picked out, and have some awesome design ideas – so now what? In truth, social media influencers have gradually become an integral part of many resorts’ marketing mix. They bring your brand to life, and expose your beautiful amenities to thousands of like-minded people who would pay to have a taste of that lifestyle. All you need is to work with influencers that match your values. Pair that with a few photos or videos going viral, and you’ll be fully-booked in no time at all.

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