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Create a “VIP Experience” to Attract Specific Clientele | Hotel Marketing Tips

By September 10, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
VIP Experience & Hotel Marketing Tips

Whether you operate a large resort or boutique hotel, our series of hotel marketing tips are designed to help you better understand marketing, differentiate your property, and attract the types of guest you desire most.  For more tips, visit our blog.

What hotelier wouldn’t want to attract a clientele that has more spending power?  That doesn’t necessarily mean attracting the Hollywood elite or wealthiest global travelers.  Realistically, that probably looks more like increasing the percentage of guests who are open to upgrades and add-ons – who have the means to opt for the ocean-view room and valet parking.  Here’s the good news: that goal is absolutely within reach!

Sure, taking your property to the next level requires at least some physical upgrades, but mostly, it requires vision and a bit of marketing strategy.

Define What a VIP Experience Could Look Like for Your Property

All too often, we get an unattainable image in our minds when we think of “VIP experiences.”  Do your best to acknowledge your preconceived ideas and then let them go.  Instead, we’re going to focus solely on what’s realistic for your property – simple upgrades and strategic positioning.

First.  Write down all the amenities you have at your disposal, such as your pool, beach, gym, on-site restaurants, etc.  If you need some inspiration, think about what you would tell a prospective guest if they walked into your office right now and asked what your hotel has to offer.

Second.  Take a moment to think about each amenity and brainstorm ideas for turning it into “an experience.”  For example, your pool amenity can be transformed into a pool experience by including luxuries like towel delivery, cocktail servers, and cabana rentals.  As you brainstorm, you’ll probably find that you’ve created a combination of things you already offer and “wish list” ideas that are totally new.  That’s great!

Third.  Look at these lists you’ve created – a strategic look.  Which of the items on your wish list could be implemented right now?  Which of the amenities (column one) only have wish list experiences and none that are already in practice?  What aspects of the property do you think you have the most potential and which upgrades would pack the biggest punch?

Of course, your answers are going to be unique to your circumstances and your goals, but they’re the secret for unlocking an authentic and realistic version of your property’s VIP experience.

Hotel Marketing Tips for Putting Your Ideas into Motion

One of the most overlooked hotel marketing tips is that people love “value-added” packages – especially Millennials.  When done right, packages can simplify the booking process, maximize your profits, and create an exclusive atmosphere.  At the same time, VIP Packages arm your marketing team with something truly special to highlight.

Pro Hotel Marketing Tip

Use your VIP Packages as a promotional giveaway.  For example: “Book your Spring Break Vacation before November 15 and you’ll be entered to win a free VIP Package Upgrade.”

As guests are booking their stay, offer your VIP upgrade.  As guests are preparing to travel, email them with an offer for a VIP upgrade.  As guests are checking-in … you get the point.

Of course, what that VIP upgrade includes will vary greatly depending on your property and your target clientele.  However, here are some ideas:

  • Coffee delivery each morning.
  • A reserved VIP cabana (complete with a server/butler).
  • A chilled bottle of champagne in the room.
  • Free happy hour drinks.
  • Access to an exclusive VIP poolside happy hour (hosted in a cabana).
  • Priority seating and/or reservations at the on-site restaurants.
  • Special dinner menus or complimentary appetizers.
  • Bookings for local excursions, such as wine tastings or museum tours.
  • Automatic late check-out.

Let yourself get creative.  After all, the opportunities are only limited by your imagination!

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