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Enticing Off-Season Travelers: Commercial Resort Cabanas for Cooler Temperatures

By August 28, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Commercial Resort Cabanas for Cooler Temperatures

Autumn’s cooler weather is quickly approaching, but it’s hard to let go of the high-energy (and profits) that summer’s peak season brought.  During this transition, many hotel and resort operators start looking for ways to entice off-season travelers to the property.  It’s important to never underestimate the benefits of your commercial resort cabanas, as they can continue to impress your guests far beyond your Labor Day festivities.

Extend Your Pool Season

Commercial resort cabanas allow you to extend your pool season much longer than you’d be able to without them.  Whether you have a heated pool or simply a hot tub, your cabanas give your guests a warm place to relax between dips, despite the cooling temperatures outside.  Your commercial resort cabanas can easily be accessorized with InfraTech Comfort heaters to provide your guests with year-round control over the environment.

Enjoy the Empty Beaches

After the chaos of summer beach days, quiet stretches of sand can be incredibly appealing for travelers.  When you opt for commercial resort cabanas in the sand, you’re inviting guests to enjoy your beach throughout the changing seasons.  After all, there’s something romantic about wandering deserted beaches in the fall – as long as you have a comfortable place to warm up after.

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Display Your All-Season Amenities

Enticing off-season travelers is all about how you market your resort through the changing seasons.  As the autumn settles in, shift the images you use on your website, social media, and marketing collateral to reflect the all-season amenities you have to offer.  Consider creative imagery featuring kids playing in the heated pool while parents relax in the warm cabana, romantic private dinners in a cabana as the snow falls outside, or happy hour by the pool as the leaves change in the background.

Market Off-Season Events

Using your commercial resort cabanas as the backdrop for off-season events is a great way to continue generating profits from your investment despite the cooler temperatures.  Hosting events in your cabanas provides unique experiences for guests, and it offers a wealth of content that your marketing department can use to highlight your range of amenities.

Explore Your Options for Commercial Resort Cabanas

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