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From Beach Cabanas to Vendor Lists: It’s Time to Prepare Your Property for Wedding Season

By May 17, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
From Beach Cabanas to Vendor Lists: It’s Time to Prepare Your Property for Wedding Season

Wedding season is just about to arrive, and it’s time to double-check whether your hotel and resort property is ready for the non-stop celebration.  From making sure your trusted vendor lists are up-to-date to updating your beach cabanas, the secret to making sure your busy event season goes off without a hitch is preparing before it hits.  Here are some simple tips to help ensure your resort is ready to welcome every bride and groom.

Vet Your Vendors

Every resort has its list of trusted vendors, but businesses change over time.  Before your event season gets into full-swing, take the time to contact each vendor and discuss any shifts that have happened with their business.  From new ownership to new services, your knowledge about your vendors will help you make the best decisions possible on behalf of your resort and your event guests.

Feature Exceptional Experiences

Whether your property welcomes destination-style events or is a venue for local couples, weddings inevitably bring out-of-towners to your hotel or resort.  These guests want to experience more than the ceremony and reception.  Help your guests have unforgettable moments at your hotel and in the surrounding area with itinerary suggestions that feature a nice balance between on-property and off-property adventures.

Create Unique Spaces for Smaller Gatherings

The ceremony and reception may already be booked, but weddings present many opportunities to upsell – and we’re not talking about the bride and groom.  Use your unique spaces to entice guests into hosting smaller gatherings during the downtime.  Invite the bride’s college crew to rent beach cabanas for a happy hour so they can catch up.  Suggest a private reception by the fireplace for the immediate family of both sides.  The opportunities are endless.

Update Your Amenities

Since so many new guests will be vising your property, the wedding and event season is arguably the most important time for putting your best foot forward.  Update your amenities and add new ones to address your guests’ changing needs.  Adding beach cabanas brings a new level of luxury.  Offering outdoor exercise classes creates a unique experience.  Take the time to think of new ways to differentiate your hotel and resort from the local competition.

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