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A How-To Guide for Marketing Your Hotel with Facebook

By August 6, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Marketing Your Hotel with Facebook

In this digital age, having a strong social media presence is an important part of any digital marketing strategy. Many hotels and resorts use social media to capture the attention and engage with travelers and potential guests. Social media is so influential, that almost all tourists under 34 years old turn to Facebook for travel suggestions before finalizing bookings, according to SiteMinder.com. With the ability to effectively share images, videos, and written content, Facebook is one of the most powerful platforms for marketing. Luckily, marketing your hotel on Facebook is not only a fairly simple strategy, but it’s also highly effective.

Optimize Your Facebook Page

The first step to an effective Facebook strategy is to optimize your Facebook page. Make sure to complete the “about” section as much as possible, add relevant categories, include all contact information, and tell guests what they can expect when they stay at your hotel. Utilize the cover photo space to highlight your hotel’s best features, whether that’s a five-star dining experience or the luxurious poolside cabanas. Videos are incredibly effective for highlighting these amenities, too.

Be sure to enable and utilize all the features Facebook has to offer to provide page visitors with all the information they may need. Enable reviews, create offers, and organize events all through your Facebook page. You can even use the “Book Now” button as the call to action on your page.

Grow Your Following

Now that your Facebook page is optimized, it’s time to grow your following. The bigger your following, the more people will interact with your content, and the more exposure your page will get. Start by adding a link to your Facebook page on the hotel website and email signatures. This gives guests and future guests an easy way to find and “like” your Facebook page. Make sure to cross-promote your Facebook page on any of your hotel’s other social media profiles, too. You can also place signs in the lobby and in guest rooms inviting them to follow you on Facebook.

Engage Guests and Potential Guests

An important part of a successful social media marketing strategy is engaging and connecting with your target audience. Anytime someone comments on your posts or sends a message to your page, always reply in a timely manner. If a local business or media outlet mention your hotel on Facebook, engage with them. You can share their post, comment on the post, and like their page. Likewise, if a guest or potential guest mentions your hotel in a Facebook post, don’t ignore it. Join the conversation, answer any questions they may have, and provide helpful information.

Another strategy for marketing your hotel on Facebook is to encourage guests to post about their experiences. Place signs throughout the hotel asking guests to take photos, share on Facebook, and tag your page. Focus on the most alluring areas that you’d like to promote organically, such as the trendy cocktail lounge or private cabanas near the pool.

Create Great Content and Offer Value

In order to attract new Facebook followers and retain the ones you already have, you need to share great content and provide value. Images and videos should be of the highest quality, alluring, and engaging. Photos and videos that are on brand and aesthetically pleasing perform best.

There are several ways you can provide value to your Facebook followers. One way is to provide exclusive offers through your Facebook page. You can offer incentives exclusively to Facebook followers or host contests that require participants to like your page. You should also provide followers with valuable information. Think of information that would be helpful to your target audience and is also relevant to your hotel. For example, you could share a list of the best places to enjoy live music near your hotel, you could post about upcoming local events that may attract travelers, or you could simply share some travel tips.

Utilize Facebook Ads

Effectively marketing your hotel on Facebook also means stepping into the world of social media advertising. Getting started with Facebook ads may seem overwhelming, but it doesn’t have to be. Start simple with a small budget and a campaign to get more page likes. You can target people who have recently visited your page or fit a certain demographic. Once you’re feeling a bit more comfortable with Facebook ads, you can set up ads to secure bookings. Facebook has a number of advertising tools specifically designed for the travel industry, including Dynamic Ads for Travel and Trip Consideration.

When creating Facebook ads, the content is just as important as the technical set up. Pair captivating and enticing copy with beautiful photos for an effective campaign. Again, you should be featuring your hotel’s best amenities. To appeal to different audiences, you can create several ads highlighting various amenities. For example, one ad can highlight luxurious treatments offered in the tranquil spa while another features bottle service and upbeat music in the poolside cabanas.

Facebook is the perfect medium for engaging with your target audience and marketing your hotel. Your Facebook page gives you a way to connect with guests, potential guests, and your local community to expand your reach and promote your business.

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