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7 Tips for Using a Commercial Cabana to Increase Profits

By April 11, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
7 Tips for Using a Commercial Cabana to Increase Profits

When talking about cabanas, we often discuss the benefits like guest comfort and sun protection, but the truth is that there are major financial benefits, too.  A commercial cabana can help to generate more profits for your property – both directly and indirectly.

How to Use a Commercial Cabana to Directly Drive Profits

From luxurious resorts to family-friendly properties, your commercial cabana amenities help to position you above the competition – bringing both style and functionality to your pool, beach, and other outdoor areas.  Here are some of the ways in which they can also directly generate profits.

Generate Rental Revenue – Often offered as half-day and/or full-day rentals, each commercial cabana can bring in anywhere from a hundred dollars to many hundreds of dollars each day (depending on the destination, amenities, size, etc.).

Maximize Guest Dollars – When you upsell guests to rent a cabana, you’re not only benefiting from the rental revenue but also from the inevitable cross-sales you’ll make throughout the day (such as lunch at the on-site café and happy hour cocktails at the pool bar).

Offer Cabana Packages – You can also maximize the value of each rental by creating “cabana packages” that are tailored for your guests’ needs.  From food and beverage service to a personal butler/attendant to watersports equipment rentals, the options are only limited by your creativity.

Design Event Venues – As a resort operator, you know how profitable events can be for your property, and your commercial-grade cabanas can create an unforgettable backdrop for a wide range of events.  Depending on the sizes and configurations of your cabanas, you can market them as the ideal location for private cocktail parties, wedding rehearsal dinners, silent auctions and fundraisers, and so much more.

How to Use Your Cabanas to Indirectly Drive More Sales

In addition to these ideas for directly generating more revenue from your cabanas, there are many indirect financial benefits, too, including (but certainly not limited to):

Leverage the Marketing Opportunities – Every marketing department is searching for content to feature that will entice new and repeat guests.  For example, many of our clients have used a free cabana rental as the main feature for a seasonal promotional campaign.  Visit our blog to explore more of our resort and hotel marketing tips.

Build Loyalty – Repeat guests are incredibly valuable, not only because they’re returning to spend money on your property but also because they’re the most likely to refer others.  Transforming a repeat guest into a truly loyal one could be one free cabana rental away.

Target Next-Level Clientele – Featuring your commercial cabana rentals can help to add an increased level of prestige to your property, which, in turn, can attract the next tier of clientele to your property.  And remember, as the spending power of your guests increases, so can your rates.

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At Resort Cabanas (a division of Eide Industries, Inc.), we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and engineering custom commercial cabanas and pre-engineered options. With almost 80 years of extensive design, construction, metal fabrication, industrial sewing, and installation experience, we are proud to offer the highest quality products possible, made right here in the U.S.

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