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6 Benefits of Resort Cabanas That Will Boost Your Hotel Revenue

By January 13, 2020November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Polynesian Cabanas - Resort Renovations

Polynesian Cabanas - Resort RenovationsWhen you think of ideas to upgrade your hotel or resort, the first things that come to mind probably involve significant and expensive renovations. But there are ways to add luxury and style to your hotel that will help improve hotel revenue.

With something as simple as a commercial cabana, you can easily transform your hotel or resort with an upscale look and feel and with minimal investment. Read on to learn how commercial cabanas can benefit your hotel or resort. 

Shelter and shade

Cabanas can bring style to your poolside area, but let’s not forget their practicality. Offering shade and protection from the sun, commercial cabanas are an excellent choice for keeping guests safe from sunburn and the heat. Not everyone wants to sunbathe, so give your guests some options — and cabanas are a prime way to do so. 

Advertising and social media

As people search for the hotel or resort where they would like to stay, images are important. You not only want to have high-quality photography of your amenities, but you also want to show off your hotel’s best features in advertising and social media so guests can picture themselves having a great time. From poolside cabanas to beautiful shots of the ocean, use these highlights to your advantage in all of your marketing. 

Upgrade options

When creating hotel packages and options for upgrades, don’t overlook your hotel cabanas. Your cabanas are an excellent idea for offering upgrades to your guests. Tack on a special service, like bottle service, at your cabanas to turn it into a revenue-generating upgrade and drive more food and beverage sales. 

Additional event venue space

While your hotel may also have conference rooms, ballrooms, etc., available for use as a venue space, commercial cabanas can give you additional venue space. When your outdoor areas are designed with cabanas, you create a whole new opportunity for people to mingle and enjoy the outdoor space. Cabanas give you the flexibility for different types of fun and informal events that an indoor space might not be able to achieve.  If events are part of your hotel revenue, take advantage of these additional venue locations.

Year-round outdoor options

Outdoor pools and spas are guest favorites, but they aren’t just for sunny days and high temperatures. When you upgrade your hotel’s outdoor space to include commercial cabanas and outdoor heating, you can maximize the fun for your guests by creating cozy outdoor gathering areas that can also maximize your hotel’s profits. With a warm and attractive outdoor space designed with commercial cabanas, your hotel will benefit from year-round use of its poolside area.    

Easy maintenance

Compared to more permanent options for shade, commercial cabanas offer simple care, which makes it easy for your maintenance staff to keep them looking their best all year. Tested to withstand harsh weather conditions, our commercial cabanas are designed with durability so you can get the most from your investment over many years.

Explore the many ways in which you can make simple changes to your hotel that not only enhance its aesthetics but also give your guests additional ways to engage with your hotel and what it has to offer, which would ultimately increase hotel revenue.

At Resort Cabanas (a division of Eide Industries, Inc.), we specialize in designing, manufacturing, and engineering custom commercial cabanas and pre-engineered options. With almost 80 years of extensive design, construction, metal fabrication, industrial sewing, and installation experience, we are proud to offer the highest quality products possible, made right here in the U.S.

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