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5 Practical Strategies to Help You Increase Hotel Revenue and Occupancy Rates

By January 10, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments
Increase Hotel Revenue and Occupancy Rates

Every hotel operator wants to increase hotel revenue and occupancy rates – not just because it’s good business but also because you want to be able to grow and expand.  You believe in what you have to offer, and you want more guests to experience your superior service.  But to spread your reputation into new markets and reach new audiences, you need to have the financial freedom to launch marketing strategies and sales initiatives.  And so, we circle back to the importance of increasing revenue and occupancy rates.

Here are five often overlooked strategies you can begin to implement today.

Strategy #1 – Develop Your Staff

Your staff is your most valuable asset.  To keep them engaged with their work and loyal to your company, you should consider ways to help them achieve their full potential.  With trainings and professional development programs, you can work to not only build a more fulfilling workplace, but to also transform each employee into a sales-oriented team member.

Strategy #2 – Focus on Service

In the age of instant feedback and worldwide reach, unforgettable experiences get shared and discussed – as do negative experiences.  Your ability to increase hotel revenue and maximize occupancy depends on the reputation you build.

Strategy #3 – Maximize Point of Sale Opportunities

With the global shift to online bookings, you now have multiple opportunities to upsell – providing better experiences for guests and a direct increase in hotel revenue.  From confirmation emails that offer cabana rentals to partnerships with local vendors, it’s time to consider new ways to generate sales.

Strategy #4 – Embrace Perceived Value

There’s a big difference between actual value and perceived value, and guests are willing to pay much more for high-value services or experiences.  For example, if your guests believe their indulgent day in the poolside cabana is worth $200 but they only paid $100 and it only cost you $20 – everyone wins.  By finding ways to position your property in a luxurious light, your guests will be willing to invest more in their onsite experiences.

Strategy #5 – Request Referrals

In sales trainings, they remind you to request the sale.  If you don’t ask for it, people may not think to give it.  That same rule applies for referrals and reviews.  At check-out and in follow-up communications, encourage your happy guests to spread the word.  You may consider offering a perk or gift for their efforts, but you may not need to.  After all, people love to brag about their unforgettable vacations.

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