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5 Questions to Ask Cabana Manufacturers Before Making a Purchase

By April 5, 2018November 23rd, 2022No Comments
5 Questions to Ask Cabana Manufacturers Before Making a Purchase

Not all cabanas are created equal, and not all cabana manufacturers are comparable either.  It’s a simple but unfortunate reality that some products are made better than others and some companies are better to work with.  Therefore, it’s essential to know you’re partnering with a company that puts you first.

When you’re in the market to buy cabanas for your commercial property, be sure to ask the cabana manufacturers these essential questions before making a purchase.

Question 1: Are your cabanas commercial quality?

There’s a huge difference between commercial-grade cabanas and retail outlet versions.  Commercial cabanas are designed to withstand high-volume use, while those versions that can be purchased online with a single click of a button are better-suited for backyard pools.  Commercial cabana manufacturers use top-quality materials and sturdy building techniques, so your cabanas will last for many seasons to come despite daily use.

Question 2: Where are the cabanas manufactured?

While many companies claim to be cabana manufacturers, most are simply middlemen.  Working with a design-build manufacturer who operates their facility here in the U.S. helps to ensure high-quality craftsmanship.  These companies are able to maintain control over the manufacturing practices and techniques, so they know you will be getting a well-made and reliably durable product.

Question 3: Will your cabanas withstand my location’s weather and wind?

Especially in tropical locations, frequent wind and rain storms can leave property owners wondering whether cabanas are a viable option.  Commercial cabanas come in engineered and non-engineered versions, meaning some are designed to withstand weather conditions and wind loads while others aren’t.  Cabana manufacturers who build top-quality products are able to engineer cabanas that are safe for even the most challenging conditions.  Your project manager should answer every one of your weather-related questions before you buy.

Question 4: What design options do I have?

You’re making a significant investment, so you should know you’re getting the perfect cabanas for your property.  The best option is to work with a design-build manufacturer that builds your cabanas to order.  This gives you the freedom to choose the ideal frame design, colors, fabrics, and accessories.

Question 5: Do the cabanas come with a warranty?

It’s always better to partner with a company that will stand by their work.  From the fabric cover to the metal frame, your commercial cabanas should be backed by a warranty – plain and simple.

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