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5 Hospitality Trends Your Hotel Guests Will Love

By November 19, 2019November 23rd, 2022No Comments

As a hotel owner, you not only want to attract guests to your establishment, but you also want to keep clientele coming back again and again. What are some of the design details and amenities guests are looking for today? Hotels are becoming more boutique-influenced every day, and the opportunities to create a memorable stay are endless. Consider some of the following hospitality trends to enhance the guest experience at your hotel.

Personalized experience

Whether guests are staying for business or pleasure, hotels are finding ways to include more of a personalized experience wherever they can to provide the utmost comfort for guests. Some examples include memory foam mattresses, lighting that helps regulate the circadian rhythm and reduce jet lag, and subtle room lighting that allows you to see in the room at night without interrupting your sleep. 


Multipurpose spaces will continue to be relevant. Collaborative spaces that can be used for conferences, work events, family events, weddings, etc., are made flexible to accommodate any kind of function with unique design features like roll-up walls, sliding doors, and electrical outlets in the floors.  

Just like home

A variety of spaces for lounging or informal meetings will also be appealing to guests. Lobby areas can incorporate design elements such as dividers and green plants that create privacy and create more of a living room feel. 

Likewise, home comforts such as kitchenettes, coffee stations, and Wi-Fi connectivity are especially alluring to millennials.    

Smart tech

Smart-home tech has made its way into hotels, and there are many new and exciting capabilities for guest convenience. Some of the latest technology includes sending text messages to concierge, mobile keys, and saving in-room preferences (such as room temperature).  


Hotels that adopt sustainable practices will be well regarded. Some ways in which your hotel can be more eco-friendly include using reclaimed or recycled building materials, low-flow fixtures (toilets, sinks, shower heads), solar panels, linen recycling, rainwater collection for landscaping, and minimal laundry service.  

These are just some of the hospitality trends that guests are looking for in aesthetics and modern comfort. As you look to update your services and amenities, keep these ideas in mind to make the most of your hotel offerings.

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